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Skydive Incident – Update #1

 Jeromy  January 16, 2022

Greetings of happiness and joy from Polk County, Florida. It is sometimes difficult to know how to begin an orderly account of things; so firstly,…

Commissioner Jeromy Alexander hurt in skydiving accident

 Jeromy  January 10, 2022

Centerfold photo!

 Jeromy  July 14, 2021

Everyday I have to opportunity to interact, photograph and skydive with dozens of people… and although I always know why I’m so excited (yes, I…

A New State Record

 Jeromy  July 4, 2021

Freedom. How do you celebrate it? For me, it’s the ability to wake up and do what I love, every day. It is the state…

2019 – Earned my wings.

 Jeromy  July 22, 2019

In my thirteenth season as a skydiver, I earned my 1000 jump ‘wings’.

2018 – EOY Video

 Jeromy  November 3, 2018

One of my favorite parts of skydiving are the plentiful opportunities for videography – it’s a tool we use for training, debriefing, and even celebrating,…

Jumps #528, #529

 Jeromy  May 18, 2014

I must say, over the last two years there were times when I wasn’t sure if I would jump again or not. Certainly, there is…