Skydive Incident – Update #5

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, and especially the veteran I met by coincidence (aka.. by God,) Tuesday evening, that sold me my first electric vehicle for a most affordable price.

Today, I was able to take a ride up to Dairy Queen (which is out of my range in my manual chair, on the other side of the hill.) And at almost 6mph top speed it’s fast enough to give a ‘wind through the hair’ feeling and bring a smile to my face. This will make a major difference in my ability to campaign over the next four months.

Also a big thank you to the Y for extending me a free temporary membership so that I can resume a solo PT, as the Dr/Insurance can’t seem to figure it out, and six weeks off PT has not been doing good things for me.

A quick update, as a lot has been going on; tomorrow I get to wake up early for CT scan to investigate a ‘soft tissue mass density’ that was found during my trauma in FL, and next week I’ll finally get (ordered in March) a EMG that should tell us where the nerve communication between my brain and leg is breaking down and if it is being caused by the cyst they found in my spinal column.

We’re also not sure if the cyst was caused by my incident or if it had always been there, and in either case if the cyst is the cause of the weakness and slowed recovery in my legs. Depending on the tests, there may be another surgery to remove the cyst from my spinal column.
I am still waiting for the next surgery to remove my pelvis infix implants that was due in April, scheduled and canceled twice due apparently to the local surgeon’s inability to communicate with the Florida hospital and order the proper extraction hardware.

For the last few months I’ve developed a cluster of symptoms called spasticity, that cause uncontrollable muscle spasms, constant tone in my left leg muscles, and back pain as my muscles pull lopsidedly on my back.

And my ADHD from childhood is back, in an amped up way and combined with new high levels of anxiety. My focus and concentration are difficult, some days more then others, so it’s something more to try to overcome while the neurologist tries to figure out how hard I actually did hit my head ( Though not my preferred course of treatment, pharmaceuticals are currently managing this somewhat well.

With the delays, my dr convinced me to resume a low dose opioid for pain management and to maintain daily function and exercise, however I also got him to agree to let me start going back to my chiropractor and masseuse.

However, with all that said, it was still another beautiful day above ground, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow, a great weekend, and a successful campaign rolling towards the primary: Vote August 2 – Vote Alexander.

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