Skydive Incident – Update #4

On Saturday January 8, 2022 at approximately 3:34 pm, I impacted the Earth at 78 mph under a perfectly working parachute. I bounced (skipped) 70 feet to the second point of impact, then skidding to a stop. I lost consciousness a few moments later. I woke up four days later as a patient in Lakeland Regional Hospital in Lakeland, Florida. While I slept.. I received an emergency exploratory surgery on my abdomen, a repair of a ruptured bladder and damaged colon, an ‘ORIF’ repair of my left femur, and a pelvic repair with an external fixator. On January 17, I had a surgery to replace my external pelvic fixator with an internal version, and on January 25, I had a surgery to fuse my T9 to T11 vertebrae’s to build a ‘cage’ to protect the burst fracture of my T10 vertebrae.

On January 31, 2022 I was admitted to the Bannasch Institute for Advanced Rehabilitation Medicine and completed two weeks of intensive inpatient rehab, 3 hours a day, 6 days a week. On February 14, I was released from the hospital and was able to go home. At this point I am stable and able in my wheelchair and next month I will be allowed to begin the process of learning to walk again. I am told the prognosis is good and the road could be long; from this point I could have several months or more of rehab, as well as two more planned surgeries.

I’ve been blessed beyond measure with the renewed gift of life, and one miracle after another with my recovery process so far: I’ve been filled with joy as my limbs have returned to function one at at time. Being able quickly reduce all opiates to zero in preference for Tylenol and ibuprofen. Having medical insurance to keep the doctor paid. Having amazing sons and friends that prepared my home for my arrival. Having a mom that visited me. Aunts and Uncles that assisted me in Florida. Having friends and family to bring me meals…. a list of blessings so long, I could keep going forever..

However, as I’m now home in Jackson, a bit of reality is settling in. Although financially, I’ve always had the goal to keep six months income in the bank (and been happy when I meet even part of the goal,) I’ve never planned for this. I hope to be able to work again, in some capacity, by the end of summer, however until then I need to be able to focus on my day by day health and rehabilitation, or I might never make that goal.

I have an immediate need to raise $11533.62 to pay the cost of the wheelchair ramp into my home and help support my cost of living until I am able to work again.

If you’re able to help donate or share this post, thank you.
If you’re able to help with transportation or meals, please email or call me.
In all cases thank you everyone for reading and for sending any prayers, energy, thoughts and good vibes!
Jeromy Alexander

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