Worn out

Up way too late. I slept in until almost nine and that wasn’t enough, it seemed to threw off the whole day. Not just tired either, but sore and more ‘worn out’ than ‘tired’ feeling, something in my head. Yesterday was an amazing day, and I think I over did myself. Not physically this time though, rather mentally, or socially. I’ve had a dull headache since, well since my original incident. I’ve gotten used to it, kinda. The cbd and/or the low thc cannabis make it go away, or really just obfuscate it to the point I don’t notice it as much.

Today though, this is not a dull headache. Well, it is still here, from my ears and down around the back of my neck, with a slight tinnitus sound that is maddening, until I smoke a little cbd. I really like the cannabis I’ve been getting from Stone Depot. Only 0.71% thc and over 20% cbd. That helps me deal with tinnitus, once I get busy on something I can usually ignore it. Today though, there is something more.

I might have been a little dehydrated too, though I’ve been pretty good about drinking a lot of water (and tea,) for most of the day. When I woke up though, I swung my legs out of bed and sat up, and felt like I had a very bad hangover (no alcohol since… was it fathers day?) Waking up so late though off the whole routine, by time I went for my morning pills it was close to eleven. No worries for most of the pills, but that Vyvance is a lot of go-go for 12 to 14 hours, so I skipped it.

Lots of water, meals (well, cereal still counts as a meal past breakfast, right?) plenty of time hanging from the bar and even spent some time on the inversion table before an attempted nap that only resulted in laying down for a few hours. That was necessary at that point though. One task that I’d been putting off the last few days has been the yard. It needed to be mown, again.

And the backyard, oh it is so bad- I did finally tackle the side yard. It was so over grown with weeds, some four or five feet tall, that I went out with my machete a day or two ago just to knock it back down to lawnmower range. Not mentally able to really do anything today, it was a good day to get the lawn done. I was able to do it in one shot, only thirty minutes from start to finish. By the end I was dripping sweat and my hip, knee, and ankle were done.

The lawn was before the nap attempt, my hip was so bothered I couldn’t even sit in my chair. At several points I picked up my phone to visit Facebook. I’d made a post this morning, I want to make sure I notified the people I had mentioned by name yesterday. Everyone seemed copasetic with my social experimentation and generally reported that I was as “normal” as I ever was.  Hmm… still not really an answer.

I’m not to concerned with “normal”. I know I am with the range of human options, I know I’m not the ‘middle’ of the distribution kind of guy. Thank God. I couldn’t handle life being boring. Except today, today I could handle boring. After the bit of interaction that I needed to do, I couldn’t even scroll Facebook after that, and I had to put my phone down.  Just trying to read anything social made my head throb more.

I have no idea, yet maybe regrown brain tissue is the same as muscle tissue, a little soft still. I think I need to continue to limit my social interaction- it’s great to see people, I love seeing people. Yet, some people seem to give me headache. No, that doesn’t seem right. I get a headache when I try to communicate some ideas to some people. I give me a headache when I try to communicate, sometimes. Idk, still figuring it out. Oh, figuring stuff out, that definitely give me a headache.

Ten fifty one now.

Time to rest.




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