The rabbit hole.

One day- I want to say soon, like next week or at least this month- I want to publish my first book, well my first published book that is. I won’t have to worry about typing it, or evening coming up with a story line. I’ve got a few more pieces to put in for character development and it should be ready for the presses.

How many books have ever been published before the author knew how it would end? Or for that matter, even what literary category it might belong or the casting of the character, a heel or face? Yet I really just don’t have the time to worry about those kinds of details and although I have some thoughts about it, how can my subjective opinion be any more definitive than yours? Most especially if one considers writing as a form of art in which case it’s value is in the perception of your collective eyes alone.

Also I think the book needs a few more plot development and background context pieces, although holes in a backstory can always filled in with the next installment. Publish one book and start typing the next. I had spent some time trying to find the easiest way to do it a few months ago and I need to put that back on the list. I want to make it simple, no frills (unless you consider page numbers to be a frill in a soft back.) I’m sure the necessary blank page, then the copyright page, then another blank page until the content begins.

The content- simple, you’re reading it (this the three hundred and sixty fourth… chapter?) No fancy fonts either or formatting either. Just start on page one with the date of the first article, copy and paste from the website (or run a CSV export,) and that’s it right up until.. well, not sure how I’ll cut it off, maybe annually? Hmm, maybe on my birthday? Anyway, once it’s printed and selling (well, the plan is the get it on Amazon so they can do the printing and delivering and I just share my link and make a buck if someone buys it I guess.)

Of course the link will be on the book, and can you imagine?  Have you ever finished reading a book and just wondered “OMG, I wonder what happens next in the story.. where is part two?” What if right there at the end it said:

Time to publish.
Follow along on

Ha, I wonder how many hits the site would get on the post from the first day after the last page of the book? What happened next? Of course, that might cut into the next book sales.. but somehow, I don’t think it would.  Dedicated readers might be to read and “relive” (Sorry, don’t mean to speak for you, yet I’m not sure why you’r reading,) my stories again and in paperback form?

Second bit of random thought for the night? This site also makes a pretty good rabbit hole. I’ve already seen one or two fall in deep already.  Three hundred and sixty four posts so far (this one will be three sixty five,) and I really do try to link and link to them when I can, you know… because that next click, or that next article, you don’t know what you might find next, just one more click.

I’ve been thinking about politics lately and about how to be more honest.  And I thought about the second part of a common phrase “and when did you know it”. Not to say that I want to, in fact I’ve been clear about the opposite, I wish I would have been writing this site when I was in office. I can just imagine coming home from a Council meeting and unloading my mind (maybe in a side column..?) and so that I could better inform my constituents and have a place to share information on a daily basis.

Such as, if I would have been writing back in December, was that twenty twenty, when the City of Jackson Council voted to investigate the Councilmember and myself to see if any person had tried to use their position to earn personal profits.  Each night that week could have been an interesting post and really, may have changed the outcome of the events for the better. Even now, I was just thinking- I should find a good place to backup and save that recording I have of the meeting that week. I hear once something is uploaded to the Internet, you’ll never lose it.

Why publish the book now? Well, I finally think I’ve written a good story, one I’m proud of, one that might sell a book. I’ve probably read it ten times so far at least, I love that story. Usually it’s the post of the day or the last few of the week that get the most traffic, yet sometimes a visitor will click on something from months ago. In the reports I can usually remember the day from the title names (sometimes, it’s getting harder,) and if I don’t remember, I go click and read it again myself. Today I got to re-read Enough.

Something broke in me that day and I said I was going to do something that I don’t want to do and still haven’t: file lawsuits. Now, at a certain point, I still think that I have too and for some of the same reasons. Yet, I need to find an attorney that can operate with a modicum of grace. Not a “money, money, money” kind of guy.. maybe just “money, money”, IDK.

So enough of the nothing, today was GREAT.  Rolled around and slept til eight, up and in the shower with the foot feeling great. Oh, the muscles are sore, very sore, but nothing to keep me in bed- not a pain at all, just sore. After all, I did only run a quarter mile. If you listened to me talk about you might have thought I ran a marathon or at least a five K. My foot felt like it was landing level (side to side) in my steps and just felt good. Once I put my shoes on (I’d left them downstairs again,) they felt even better. Mostly on the outside of my calf I can feel the muscles tingling and moving around and I can feel the increased pressure in my step especially in the outside edge of my foot.

Like people, I wasn’t kidding, this is really milestone material this time.  Maybe I get too excited about stuff, all the time. Just too fast for anyone else to keep up with it; apart from this site, I try to moderate my words into succinct phrases to elicit easy responses. Haven’t really figured that out yet. Anyway, those that know, know- everyone here knows what I’m up to.

Went shopping and the walk around Kroger was great, I really just felt almost normal walking around with the cart. So hey hey, I’m cured right? Well, at my age, I don’t ever think I’m ever going to not hurt again thought if my leg can gain the strength I think it can in the next week or two… I am ever so hopeful, again.  This time, it’s something to write home about.

Time to rest.


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