Action, tomorrow.

I was offered a fishing pole the other day. I’m starting to think I should have taken it. Maybe even pick myself up one. Previously, I’ve thought that I needed to limit myself to activities that included standing or walking, so that I wouldn’t become completely sedentary. Which, six to nine months ago was a serious concern. Less of a concern now that I am able to be up and active as much as I am.

The fishing pole? Offered to me by Cass, I saw him in the parking lot at Walmart again the other day. This time after recognizing me he didni’t ask me for anything we only chatted for a while as I put the contents of my cart away in my car. He was pushing his way though the parking lot on his bicycle, same as last time, approaching people as he does.

We chatted for a few minutes, reminding him that we had first met my first night in Carlsbad. At one point I asked what he was up to for the day. He just looked at me and said “Ya know, just out looking for stuff to improve my camp.”

I asked where his camp was, yet he was quite secretive. It’s miles out of town to the first parts of BLM land and I can’t imagine he rides his bike that far. Likely a city stealth camp, perhaps. In any case, he asked he about fishing at some point.  He said he had two poles and offered to give me one. He’s a nice guy and I should have taken him up on it as to also see his camp. Perhaps if I see him again.

Today, another day. Out of water this morning, skipped tea. Went to fill the jug and was able to carry it filled up to six gallons (in and out of the vehicle) and back to camp. Knowing I’ll be moving soon, I wanted to get a start on it. And it starts with cleaning. Whether I call it sorting or anything else, the campsite needed cleaning up. Gathering laundry here, garbage there. Tomorrow I do need to start on the car.

These mosquitoes are ridiculous again tonight. The tarp tent is mostly holding them back, yet not perfectly.  They’re not biting at all really, yet just flying around in my face is bothersome.

As in a month now, I’ve still not seen a ranger to check my plates or my camping pass, I’m feeling no rush to leave. It’s been two weeks, give or take, so it’s time that I begin.

I collected my lists today, scattered as they were. Sorting them, crossing off finished items. Consolidating the uncrossed items onto a new list. It’s time to try to be organized again. Time for action. Tomorrow.

Time to rest.

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