Catching up. Catching up on laundry. Catching up on dishes. Catching up with my son. It was good to have a visitor today and twice as much to have the house cleaned to a presentable point for it. And to have the kitchen cleaned and ready that I was able to make a meal on demand, or on acceptance of my offer, to be technical.

I suppose that I have to say that this day began the same as yesterday, although I was more sluggish about the morning. Waking up by seven thirty, it was close to nine before I even got out of bed. Ten thirty or so before I got downstairs. More progress on all fronts, the kitchen was just about done, yet now used will need to be cleaned again in the morning. More laundry through the machines, though plenty more still packed in the car too.

Tomorrow is Monday, the day that I had somehow picked to post the weekly ‘take off list’, a simple todo list that I somehow needed to post publicly to push my way to it’s completion. Over the months I’ve keep the post going on some weeks to press my motivation and at other times I’ve converted the post to a ‘stay here’ list and tried to summon my motives for other purposes.

Now, a new challenge, a ‘save the house’ list perhaps? A find a job list? Working on cleaning the house is great and it needs to be done, yet I cannot be comfortable with that accomplishment (once it’s done.) I need to figure out an income, work or more things to sell and more active places to sell them.

I did just get two of my skydive rigs back tonight. I’d had them sent to a rigger to sell two months ago, yet he ended up busy and they did not get posted. A photo shoot with them tomorrow, and probably some other skydive gear at the same time and I’ll make a post for that gear.. this time of year, I hope it will sell quickly. If both rigs sold that would certainly help me out of the short term pinch at least.

Okay, tomorrow, I need an adventure.  That is what has been missing.  Yes, I’m here. Here in Jackson. Yet, this can be an adventure too. Can’t it? I can still go walk with my camera and find a bird to see. Maybe a squirrel. Heck I’ve seen opossum, skunks and raccoons in the City.  And walking paths, yeah we have those here too.

I need to get excited to be here. I need to plan my next adventure, even if it’s too big. Even if I’m not sure I can do it. Maybe I’ll make another list?

Okay, small steps. How about for tomorrow.. a photo. For all the readers I’ve picked up while I’ve been away from Michigan, this is my chance to show my hometown. And sometime this week, I want to see if I can ride a bike.. I think my left foot, knee and overall balance might be ready for it.. maybe. And swimming- I had planned on the Great Salt Lake.. yet I missed that chance. Maybe I need to get down to the YMCA this week?

Yes, I’m here and that isn’t what I planned yet that is where my adventure took me. Shouldn’t I still be enjoying it?

Time to rest.

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