Routine. Some mornings might be better or worse, yet they are all the same here. Consistently good, well not that great. Consistently neutral enough to be monotonous. I woke shorty after seven, scrolling in the phone for a while, in the shower and downstairs by nine.

Sometime early, a friend listed on Facebook that he needed help with his car. Having the tools he needed, I offered them to him, which he accepted. Whither him coming in an hour or two, I fully realized that the tools I’d offered were at the very back in the truck. The trunk and the cargo bag on top of it both still packed full from the trip.

Siping my tea I thought about all the items still packed in the car, I’d gotten the food out and a few things here and there, it it was still full. Checking the weather I saw it was forty and headed out to start unpacking. Once I got started, it didn’t take to long to empty everything out onto the lawn. It was off to think of all the things that got sorted along the way, making room for more gear.

Once the trunk was empty and the tools were out, it took twice as long to carry inside the half of the items that would come in. The remaining half was easy, mostly things went right back in the trunk (camping will be a last time this summer, wherever I’m at.)

As for the house, it was a one step forward, two steps back kind of day. With the influx of stuff from the car, rigs that were dropped off last night, there is an assortment of stuff everywhere. On top of that, I decided i wanted to move things around a little bit. Not many options in this small space, though from the staircase to stop the fireplace did the TV move. May not seem like much, yet followed with the changing a few more things, it really seemed to give the place a new look.

No walk today, no photograph either. After the rush to unload the trunk, my legs weren’t up for it.. or maybe it’s my mental motivation. Either way, tomorrow a picture.

Time to rest.

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