End of week.

Another day mostly inside. It didn’t bother me so much the first few days, yet this morning I woke up feeling a little different. I woke up feeling ‘here’. Shortly after seven thirty and early enough to go though my morning routine and still make it downstairs by nine.

I didn’t get to a list straight away, as there is still plenty of cleaning to be done all around me- yet attacking it in my standard adhd multi-tasking orientated workflow is not the most effective. At some point I went to clean out the fridge and cabinet. Very little beyond the spices were within their use by dates. I had figured as much and had planned to shop today.  I suppose I should have driven over and gone for a “Walmart Walk”, although here I’ve usually shopped at Kroger. Yet, I was thinking I could order online for pickup, as this time I’d be shopping for more than a few days. With a cleaned out fridge and freezer, I have ten times the available storage space- not to mention dry goods, obviously.

And that was it. I did eventually make a list and started checking items off. The shopping, some cleaning, some laundry, a few ideas for items to sell, and one listed already.

This morning did feel different, more ‘here’. Maybe that is to remind me I don’t intent to stay here. This list of things, it’s a race to get it done while I’m here, not a list to keep me entertained into eternity. It’s late, I’m glad tomorrow is Sunday and I don’t need to google where the local Catholic Church is, as my local parish is just across the corner.

Time to rest.

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