Next week

Okay, I’ve been through this before. I make plans or a list, and I say I’ll do this then that, then the next day comes and nothing I plan comes about. At some point earlier this week I had made a small list of a few things I wanted to do this week and nothing got done. Other than the cleaning, that did get done.

And the same with today. I was hoping to get a copy of my registrations yet when I arrived at the sheriff’s office they said they weren’t open for that service until Monday. So that halted the rest of the plans I had for the day.

My leg was pretty sore this morning, I’ve been doing a lot more static exercises, trying to stretch and hold as often as possible. Adding a dozens of sets of one legged half squat / leg pump maneuvers constantly as I go.

Without having the balance to carry my momentum jogging, it seems hard to gain enough strength by walking alone, especially when mostly walking inside on flat and level ground. I have made up for that since I’ve been here on cooper street.

Between hanging from the pull-up bar or the inversion table and alternating between sitting with my leg up (letting gravity help it bow down and stretch under my knee) or standing using the walker as needed, trying to relax and loosen the hard knot of muscles wrapped tightly around my sacrum.

More visits, I think I had forgot to mention yesterday, yet I had a visitor yesterday when I was outside. Don Brown, an old friend from pool shooting many years ago, stopped by when he saw me out. This morning, my uncle stopped over to show me pictures of a few ham antennas on a tower that came with his house. A nice j pole and what looks like a cushcraft thirteen element two meter beam.

The thought of climbing a tower kind of entertained me for a moment, though I have no need, or desire, for any more ham antennas at the moment.

I did get out and go shopping tonight. For all the Walmart walks I’ve done and even a few grocery pickups at Kroger, I think this was the first time I move been inside there since my incident.

When I shopped before, I did it the way I used too. I ordered online starting with my last cart and often ordered items, clicking to put them in my cart again. Yet- these were the items from four months ago.. no fruit, no snacks, no salad.

Now, I wonder again why I haven’t been eating as well this week. How nice it was too, to shop without constraint for cold storage, I have a whole fridge to fill here and cabinets.

Okay, new plan for tomorrow, no plan. The sun will rise and set, may I wake and let the wind blow me.

Time to rest.

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