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I suppose there are a lot of ways to relax and some are probably better than others. When I think of how tight my body feels throughout my muscles and joints and each day pushing it further, I know I need to relax. Not after I get everything done, sometimes I just need to relax in the midst of a downfall, to dance in the rain as my mother would say. And not just would she say that, at times I have seen her dance like a crazy woman with joy and glee.

I’ve never been much of a dancer, yet I do have another way to relax. Just takes a little grass for me to be able to lay back and daydream out of a window all day long. Usually, that is my trick for knowing when the day is done. Though, it used to be a more well defined line when I drank beer instead of smoked. That is reserved strictly for end of day activity. As for smoking, well I do just smoke a little now. I could smoke a little less, yet I do only smoke a little.

Texas really helped with that. Looking back over the last year, things are a lot more clear now. Not just that I’m smoking less, but rather that I think I’ve been processing things well over the last four months. Not controlling things, in fact in most ways the last four months were more chaotic than ever, yet every day I woke and rose to the challenges of the day at hand. And God knows- and the rest of the Internet- at the end of each day, I wrote down things that I needed to write down. That solves some stress and if you followed along back in January, you know all about Texas and the hemp.. Erica.. the kid at Hoff’s with a free blunt.. Pissing in my sleeping bag.

My God, how much have I written down. I could have written these stories somewhere else, yet I don’t think any other way would have motivated me- and still motivate me- to keep writing every single day. The ups, the downs, the plans that change every day. Crescendos that never come and the random happenstances that smile down from time to time. It’s been fun to write. Where was I?

So most days I get up, well we know the routine. Usually by the end of tea I’m still feeling sore for the sparse morning walking and I’ll smoke a bit to sooth my muscles. The day goes on and I get done what I get done, and we’ve seen how this last week has gone. Today, was my no plan day. A Saturday off when I’m months behind on bills to pay- not the time to sit on my laurels. Yet, dance in the rain I was taught. So I brought my pot to bed last night and this morning I was ready to relax from the git go.

I woke up once about five thirty yet just took a few tokes from my tobacco pipe and rolled back over. At nine I was up. Now I can’t smoke pot the moment I wake up (unlike tobacco that I could basically smoke in my sleep if I let myself, very dangerous,) I’ve at least got to wipe the sleep from my eyes and let my mind open itself to the day. Flipping on my TV in my room, I curled up in bed coming closer to my end table and filled my little bowl. It’s a third the size of any of my other pot pipes. Now I’ll usually smoke this one in two servings.

This morning I took both at once and just cozied myself back into bed, my list for the day was done. Success! Having a true bit relaxation is rare, no matter how hard you try- and I know that isn’t just me- and this morning, I hit the nail on the head. Half any hour later I was mentally sightseeing into the cereal cabinet so I threw on my jeans and headed downstairs for breakfast. My legs were sore, yet actually not that bad this morning, or at all today really.

Last night hanging from the pull-up bar before bed I heard one small and very deep sounded crack at the base of my spine and after that I felt tingles up my spine on both sides, today my sacrum still felt well when I woke and after breakfast I was back upstairs to hang on the inversion table while enjoying the dual comforts of a nice buzz and a fully belly.

At the table, I was downstairs cleaning the house for a few minutes (I’m going to try to do daily upkeep.. daily.) Then before long I was getting ready for my niece to stop over. She’s looking for some new housing options right now and can afford more housing than she has, whereas I’m on the other end of that spectrum. Was great to visit and fun to give a tour of my house, I really do like it- it’s a very good house.

Afterwards, I felt like cooking (ha, yeah, you read that right) so I started a batch of chicken burritos, or Mexican slop as the meal was called (affectionately,) by my boys growing up. Cooked shredded chicken, rice, diced, tomatoes, corn, beans, and spices all cooked up in one big pot. Once the rice is ready, it’s scooped into some toasted burrito shells and topped with a bit of cheese (which I forgot when at the store.)

Oh then I played with some antennas for a bit then thought of a way I could construct myself a standing desk for my Windows desktop computer. I haven’t even turned it on since I’ve been home. And for the same reason I have avoided fishing this year. Yet, a standing desk would keep me off my butt, so it seemed like a win win.  We’ll see, once I finish it.. it’s on a list.

All in all it was really good day, I felt well, my pelvis felt well and my spine is still tingling all the way up both sides of it any time I sit or stand in really good posture form. The day so well, I let the night pass watching TV and stretching until past twelve when I began my post for the night. Okay two oh nine am now, definitely time to sleep and be ready for a true day of rest tomorrow.

Time to rest.



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