Okay, for brevities sake, I have to stop writing about the routine stuff. Yet, I also don’t want to start slipping with the routines that work. I wake up early, hang out in bed scrolling on the phone, shower dress and get downstairs by nine am. I put on water for tea as soon as I think about it, yet never with the rush or urgency as when I drank coffee. Some days I skip tea as I simply don’t think about it. I’ll ignore the growls from my stomach for a while, then have a boost while I convince myself the effort to make a bowl of cereal is worthwhile.

That conversation can go either way, today the boost went solo for breakfast. That didn’t really seem to do the trick and lunch, a pair of ham sandwiches a la Jeromy (shaved ham, cheese, sriracha, and mustard,) came early. The trend continued with dinner (a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese, deluxe,) while it was still daylight. Regular mealtimes still are not routine, although it seems like they could be, or even should be as compared to the last several months.

In any case, I don’t want to get into a repetitive daily rant nor do I want to spend the day trying to remember that I woke up at six twelve. Overall, I just don’t think it will be relevant to the story- except if it changes. See, I like having good routines, good patterns of things to do and how to get them done. For me, well I guess it helps me stay on track. Or at least feel like I’m staying on track. Knowing what track I’m on or where it’s going would also be helpful, but I digress.

So what am I trying to say? Ditto? Yeah, I suppose that’s it. The parts I skip, well, they were routine. This morning was routine.

I finished cleaning. Well, is cleaning ever finished? Exactly, today I drew the line and stopped. Ha, that sounds nice. I stopped- no more cleaning, hurray! Ha, if only that is the way it really worked. Today, cleaning stopped being my priority. No, my place isn’t perfectly clean, yet it is perfectly mine. Somehow this decision was made when I went to reach for the mop.

You see, I know I wasn’t going to mop properly. To move everything, to mop the wooden floor from wall to wall, corner to corner. All the furniture on one side of the room, mop and let it dry, move everything to the other side of the room, mop and let the other side dry, then finally put all the furniture back to the original configuration. That would be another week, and I don’t have that much time right now.

Being that the job wouldn’t be done right, my own effort today would be barely a spot clean in the middle of the floor, and really it’s not that dirty, right now.  But, if I did mop the middle of the floor, I could just imagine how dirty it would look around the walls, behind and under the furniture that didn’t get moved. Hence, the floor would be cleaner if I avoided the mopping.

I did then go and erase cleaning from the top of the whiteboard. Moments later, I thought about it and rewrote it at the top.  Each morning when I come down at nine am, I need to clean. It needs to be the first thing I do and keep doing each day. That is a routine I need.

Next up, I need money. Quickly, a few hundred bucks. The other day I decided I’d sell my twenty two pistol, I don’t use it at all since I got my nine. I had called a place in Alamogordo when I was still out there, yet I ended up getting out of there before I sold it. Yesterday I called Action Discount here in Jackson to see if they were also interested in purchasing.  They are, yet they require I have a copy of my registration with me to sell it.

Ha, yeah, that piece of paper we gave you three years ago. No clue, no hope. I asked for options. Luckily they said, if I had filed it properly with the Sheriff’s office, I could retrieve a copy there. Okay, so that was on the list for today. Probably why I got the cleaning done quickly (before lunch,) as I had my next mission in mind.

That got detailed though when I went out to my car to drive downtown and my battery was dead. Oh, of all the silly things.  I put it on the charger and while I was outside I finished cleaning the yard. A full bag of garbage had blown into my yard over the winter.

And now, finishing my writing at eleven twenty eight. Not as early as I’d like, yet much better than last night- I think I was writing past one am. Anyway, some routines are good and some can be improved. Tomorrow, the quest for cash, today was just almost there.

Time to rest.

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