Okay, now it just needs to be cleaned, like normal cleaned. I can’t really remember the last time it was even this clean. I am not what anyone would call a tidy person, politely, I might be called cluttered. At times, I’ve cleared off my desk into a box to file and sort later. Just to place it on top of another box of the same purpose from a few months before. Old computers, dozens of half completed electronics projects, organized piles of stuff placed here at there. It’s better now.

A few bags of garbage to go out in the curby, another full sweep and then I’m going to see if the mop still works. It should, right? I don’t think they go bad, though the sponges certainly do shrivel up from lack of use. At least I do have a mop. Tomorrow it will be used. As for the stuff, well it’s mostly sorted. Boxes of electronics that I’ll sort through later, yet for now neatly piled in the back of the laundry room. At laundry, it’s all caught up. Well, the laundry is now all clean.

Sadly, three loads of clean laundry are now occupying my bed. I want to say, no I don’t. It would be nice to say it will all be folded and hung before I go to sleep. It won’t be. Maybe some, a few of the dress shirts maybe. Mostly though, this is a years worth of laundry; last years. This year, my wardrobe has been different, much different. Pants or shorts as the weather dictates and a white t-shirt, maybe a sweatshirt or hoodie if needed. I have a feeling a lot of this laundry may end up in a donate bag for St. Vincent’s.

Interestingly, I have a possibility of roommate, or actually a pair of them, that presented itself today. My niece is looking for a new place for herself and her boyfriend. I have an extra bedroom and not much in the way of plans of using my house very much. Having a roommate or two to keep my house warm (and a bit of help to keep the bills paid,) may be the help I need to stay gone for a lot longer at a time.

Also, I’ll say oddly as I don’t get many visitors, my uncle came to visit me while on his riding mower. He was passing by my house, coming from another family member’s lawn he’d cut and offered to cut mine as well. A short visit and he was on his way to let his dogs out. Nice to see a bit of family – certainly not the norm in the last five or six years.

Other than that, well, it’s been routine. Waking at sunrise, early stretches and exercises (no long walk today, after overdoing it a bit yesterday.) A bit of tea as I could on breaks from cleaning and sorting. Tomorrow I’m got a bit of real work to do also, some phone calls. One at least to my mortgage company to figure out the best way for me to get ahead with them. I’m sure there are options.

Time to rest.


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