Bunny and a bug

No changes to report. Down to one steak and no more potato salad. Five days worth of stew dinners, two maybe three more days of bread- if I can keep this last loaf safe.  BLiMey, okay, just blimey now (he’s named Blimey, as I picked him up in my first (and so far only) stay in a BLM parking lot,) has been a regular visitor (that I’ve now noticed) the last few nights. I had the bread up on top of some other boxes, yet blimey can climb. Through trial and error (and lost loafs of bread as I find them with his mouse holes in them) I’ve found, so far, that I have to keep the loaves up on my table. However, that is a pretty crowded little table.

In a few days, the bread problem will be solved. from Amazon I have two bread buddies coming- perfectly sized tupperwares for a loaf of bread. With two of them, I won’t have to worry about blimey ruining my lunch plans for two weeks in the woods.

As for blimey though, I don’t mind him. He’s getting more courageous about coming out when I’m still up- if I’m quiet. Last night he came out just past dusk and came across to the tarp tent before he noticed I was in my chair and froze before he ran back- I’d wished I’d had my camera at the ready.  So today, I have it at the ready. It was almost useful this morning.  As for tonight, he came out just past dusk again and when I saw him I grabbed the camera and went for a shot, yet it was way to dark through the viewfinder to compose or focus the shot.

Later, once I’d strapped up the tarp door and had the light on inside, he came across from the car again and into the tarp tent behind the pile of canned goods.  I’d put a few pieces of trail mix (the walnuts that I don’t prefer) down to hold him in place for a photo yet before he approached them, I started him by reaching for the camera. This might take a while, yet if he doesn’t go anywhere, maybe I’ll eventually domesticate him.

This morning, a quiet cup of tea on a cold morning. I had opened the tarp tent too soon.  First in the morning, my tarp tent is holding heat. My own body heat, then the burner if I use it in the morning.  This morning was about forty inside when I woke and I used the burner to get it up to sixty. After a certain point though, the tarp tent ends up keeping in the cold- as the morning sun heats up the desert. At that perfect cross over point is when I aim to open the tent in the morning- just when doing so will make it warmer.

As I said, I opened it too soon this morning and let out all my heat.. and none came swooping in to replace it. A quick walk down the driveway to get my blood moving, then I was curled up with my blanket and tea not really doing anything- other than shivering maybe, no tv, no laptop yet.. just sitting quietly waiting for the morning to warm.  Then I looked up and saw a bunny sitting right out the door of my tarp tent. Just sitting there looking at me. I smiled at him with a “hey bunny” and he didn’t move. I reached for my camera, he moved.

Tomorrow I’m going to go for a walk with my chair and maybe even a small tarp.  Find some place good and setup my chair and shade then just sit and wait with my camera in hand.  I’ve had this idea before, yet there really doesn’t seem to be much wildlife around here.  Well, I know there is plenty around, yet it all hides so well.  Which, maybe, I just have to go sit with my camera and hope to get lucky.  This is harder than getting wildlife pics at the zoo.

This is the second time I’ve seen the bug above (well, this type of bug.) Yet the first time I pissed him off as I used a branch to push him into a better position for my camera. That caused him to do a headstand as he faced off with the branch. This time, I tried to be more patient.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, pills, a few walks (over fifty eight hundred steps today.. back on the Fitbit now) and a fair bit of smoke, bunny and a bug. That’s a day.

Time to rest.

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