Am I stuck?

Is this stuck? Being comfortable having regular access to the things you need? I am comfortable- isn’t that the goal? Yet, to be comfortable being comfortable, that leads to getting stuck, I think.. or something.  Irrelevant, I’ve been in Brantley Lake State Park long enough. Oh my, I just looked, it has been over a month since the day I photographed the canyons, met Blimey the mouse, and first stayed at here (well, actually ‘there’, I was on the west side of the lake then.)

Okay, time to go – stuff the car and move to Alamogordo (or their a-bouts, somewhere dispersed) as quick as I can?  Well, why rush, I mean if the place was on fire I could just jump in the car and go.. and would lose everything I left. And, since there seem to be no rangers here to enforce any type of time limits (I have moved through five different sites here and two nights in the paid campground even,) there is no reason not to plan well the journey leaving here.

When I leave, I want the car clean, well packed, loaded with travel food, water, and gas and to have its camera rolling (timelapse.) I’d also like to leave early, which now I know, time after time, means I have to pack fully the night before and sleep with just the small tent not put away the last night – maybe if I waited for a warmer night, I could just sleep under the stars and have a quick escape in the morning.

Today is the day to start cleaning and getting ready for the next move before I am officially stuck. I’m a little worried still about the weather in the mountains, especially as I’m choosing the taller range for my first two week stay there (ha, two weeks, thats what I said here in the State Park too) in preference of the range closer to a Walmart and obviously, ever other public service too. So not much of a list in this post, as by now this process is quite regular to me, now on the road for over three months, so the point?

To set the goal. Let’s be in the Sacromento Mountains by April if not sooner.  I have an Amazon package coming Wednesday.. and one other package too, yet I’m not sure if it’s been sent or not.. hmm, we’ll see.  Ahh, goals.  Look how quickly this one is breaking down.. Okay, after two packages arrive – and hopefully before April?  I’m glad I do like Brantley Lake… yet.. it’s time for something more.

Time to fly.

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