At some point, I need to find a bit of direction. Well, I have that, north west to Alaska.  Okay, maybe I need some motivation, or something exciting about it. For now, I just think about a ten day drive that sounds atrocious. It’s not that I mind driving so much.. other than it seems I mind driving that much now. It’s getting better, yet I still don’t feel quite as comfortable behind the wheel, especially on the highway (especially when the highway speeds where eight five!)

My left hand/arm still has a noticeable weakness compared to my right and driving is one of the many two handed activities that I’ve had to do one handed until I’ve forced myself to learn two handed as best as I can. I remember being so glad when I started to get movement and strength back in my arm after a week or so after I woke up from my incident, I could lift my arm above my head and tried to brush my hair and put it into a ponytail, yet my hand simply didn’t remember how to make those motions. I’ve had to relearn.

I keep thinking about going to Sitting Bull Falls and planning the trip into the forest out there, yet I am just not excited about it.  However, the idea of going to Alamogordo (my initial destination in NM,) does excite me.  Actually, it’s the drive there right through the mountains.  A three hour drive starting at thirty two hundred feet and going up and over eight five hundred feet, then back down the other side. That will be a nice time lapse video I think.

Today was a relaxing day, nothing pressing to do, I took the opportunity to do nothing.  Well, after I did the things I do everyday.  Wake up, restroom, tea, read my lists, surf the internet a bit until I warmed up enough to open up the tarp tent.  Once I did (close to ten) I noticed I had some new neighbors down at the base of my drive.  I could hear the voices of children playing as I walked around cleaning up my site. By time I had grabbed my trek poles for my first walk, they had already pulled out.

I myself have certainly been the sole long term occupant here, with ninety percent of others only here for a night or two. And although I do like this place- and I’ve gotten used to some of the things I didn’t like as much (wind, mosquitoes.) And it certainly seems like there is no once coming to check how long I’ve been here (sixteen days here in this site I think..) All the same, I’m ready to move on. Time for new scenery.

On my second walk today I went without my trek poles and took my Nikon camera and tripod instead.  I was hoping to see some birds flying through the gusts today, yet no luck, I’ll have to try again another time.

This evening I was sitting in my chair with the tarp tent door still open and I saw a small critter run from under the shadow of my car towards the tent and stop when he saw me.  This is certainly the same mouse as I’ve seen the last few days.  After he saw me, he ran back under the car until I called for him by making clicking sounds with my tongue. In my hand I had a few dried cranberries from the trail mix I had been snacking on and I tossed a piece about halfway to him when he came out.  After just a moment of thought he crossed the gap between us to come get it.

BLiMey has officially taken food from me- after a month.  Wonder if he’ll keep tagging along (as if I have choice it seems to evict him) for this journey? Maybe I’ll end up with a little cage for him? Ha.

Time to rest.

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