The setup

When you THINK before you speak some things are bound to fail the filter. That is the point of a filter. What are we supposed to do with failed thoughts? Discard them as waste? Maybe if they are garbage.

I was just thinking about my first post that I had essentially all but accepted a job offer to work as a miner in Alaska. Was/is that a good idea? Did I THINK before I posted it? Did I THINK before I posted it? Yes, I did.

It might not be true, I don’t know if I can make it happen (in fact, I know I can’t.) Yet it was true and thoughtful when I posted it (two T words in TTHINK..) and it still is. Yet, maybe not all truth is, all truth. How could it be?

Some stories I love to write, some I’ve liked writing less, some stories are true, others are more true and have more truth in them.

I believe there is a refinement process at hand, perhaps I should be doing this all internally, yet I just can’t hold so much as once. This morning when Kent asked what I had done yesterday, I referred to my own post so I would mistake my list of errands I ran.

Also another side of this, what do we do after we THINK and it passes the filter and it’s been said? Do we sit and repeat for ever? No, re-evaluate and move on. Say it and be done, or hold it to keep refining. Are those the only options? Maybe, yet let’s consider what a refining process is. Melt it all down, and let the good separate from the bad: discarding the slag.

So what about the the good stuff that failed the filter. Refine it and wait I suppose, THINK of something you can say in the meantime.

Last week or the one before, I couldn’t tell the story of smoking a blunt in the parking lot at Hoff’s without telling the story about pissing myself. And today, I fully realized I can’t write the story of two thousand and twenty two, without at least one, and probably more, stories from two thousand and nineteen.

Like the night I was awarded my thousand jump wings by Safety Steve, may the God he knew forever hold and bless him, with Ehrin with an H, three H’s, at my side for the night. Soon, I suppose.. that is as a good place as any to start the story of twenty two.

At the beach now, how I like, for the first time. Not in the far back parking lot where I could spread out and sort in the hard packed sand a hundred yards from others. Now parked much closer to the beach, panels are collecting and my shade tent is erected, yet I able also ready to tear down and take off in ten minutes or less.

My first opportunity to really write freely in weeks, I was out walking with the metal detector, then I came back for my salad lunch, yet the sun was in my legs. Hence the lean to, salad lunch with a Mountain Dew, writing this post, then a bowl..

..and then a nap? ..a walk for gold? I don’t know what might happen next. It’s one forty three pm.

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