Taking off and getting stuck

Yesterday was a long and busy day wrote for two hours at the end and didn’t have nearly enough time for the details that I wish I would have been able to write.  Yet, in that regret, I woke with a new opportunity to write better stories.  And even, it was Monday, so I could write one first thing in the morning.  I am anxious to start burying my last post with time.

Woke up and yes, I did sleep well.  Better than the first time in the car, can still be improved with one more pillow, maybe two next time I’m at Walmart – yet only if I can find a vacuum bag to store them in.  That would be real nice, as I do have an air pump I could use already. Once I ‘made my bed’, the folded blankets, pillow, and bags of clothes fit nicely in the backseat again with my kitchenette.

Having sorted a few more items as I cleaned and delayed last nights post, I headed over to the trash bins to discard them and parked in the ‘normal’ parking lot at mustang island.  Excited to start this post right away, I pulled out my small red tin – my final “little pot” kit. Fully in prayer, this “little pot” – that is, my smallest glass pipe, my oldest is all that remains.  I hadn’t used it in years, yet brought it only as a backup bowl to the papers, in case I ran out of papers (two books, sixty four leafs,) and my primary bowl broke.  That bowl, large enough for a gram of weed if slightly over packed (of the twenty-five to thirty percent THC commonly and cheaply available in Michigan) was my morning, noon, and night.

The papers fit in the tin and so did the little pot, yet the big pot did not fit in the tin.  This was more dilemma than it should have been.  Prayer has guided me, and I firmly believe that for me, a little pot is okay.  Hmm, see the play on words?  My little bowl, a little ‘pot’ really, was okay for me it can barely hold an eighth gram. Yet the big pot, was less good and storage space was at at a premium, it had to be sorted along with the big storage jar.  Moving on.

Also yesterday, I forgot to mention two things in my rush I joined PT Fitness gym again (and will use!) and also that I got stuck in the sand as I drove down to the unregulated beach.  After ten minutes with my frisbee and some rocking it back and forth (quick tips from Juan,) I managed to bury myself ten inches deeper.

Just then Marty came along in his truck and offered the standard line- and was firm with it.  “I have a tow strap, if you want to hook it to your car”. Excited and thankful I accepted.  In a rush to go find more gold, so I’ll leave this short: he is a little older than me, single, camping with the singles Facebook camping group in town, and is pretty much solid gold.  Ladies, go find him..

Back to today, as I sat here preparing my morning bowl, Erin drove up and introduced herself, saying she’d seen me camping here, and asked if it was okay to approach me. Of course!  After giving me her card and seeing her full name, I commented how much I loved that there were no H’s in her name.  With a smile she said she’s an authentic Irish Erin, and I could see more of the red in her darkening hair.

Great conversation and great to meet a new person here, we had a lot in common.  Eventually pot came up as I was preparing to smoke my Texas legal bowl. After a conversation about politics when she tried to invite me to Telegram.  To sell it, she showed me a meme related to Bill and Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  I was dismay and told her immediately why.  Regardless of any political point the post may or may not support, isn’t it denigrating to all women to speak lude details about any woman?

More conversation and she backtracked with new reflection on my point; the conversation went on with my explanation of my chains and my journey, having given her my card, I am fairly certain she will be reading this site soon.  Once she reads the last post, not certain if I’ll see her again… yet this is my journey.

(Again, standard disclaimer, I’m a brain damaged author, writing a story, truth and fiction merge so much I can’t even tell what is real sometimes….)

She asked where I’ve been getting and told her my new place: Mr. Nice Guy.  I will be back to that place, if just to see Braxton again.

With more conversation she said she had a guy and gave me the number.  Confirming the legality status of the offer, I took the head copied the number (ten minute storage at best, if I try now.. I used to have so many numbers stored up there.) Not feeling good about having acquired a new ‘source’, I countered her offer of sharing the contract.  Maybe I could just give her some money now and later if she wanted to she could give me some pot.

For me, this would be okay, as in my mind, I would be “Michigan Legal” at least, gifts are allowed, sales are not.

However, she was not okay with that, saying she would be busy today, and I think the shift of responsibility played a part too.  Gifts might be okay, yet buying here and selling there is even less okay that just buying a giving.  She assured me the “guy” was cool and would deliver to the beach if I called him. He’s from Oklahoma- could even be the guy my guy knows (his best help when I texted him, jokingly, and asked if he would deliver the Mathis!) I didn’t say it, yet that is not okay with me.  Delivery is cool (my guy in Jackson delivers, and he is the best) to your home, not a public beach.

I told her I’ve been getting used to the Texas stuff and a little bit of good old Michigan level THC would be nice.. yet, I don’t want a source, I don’t want a chain. No more chains and if I can see them coming, I’m going to dodge them now.

Not wanting to leave me low and dry she offered to give me everything she carried maybe a gram or two, of I assume Texas legal weed.. yet well, I’m a bit higher that I have been lately and ahh.. thank be to Jesus.  I love to get high and write.  Yet, I also need to find gold.

I’m kinda stuck in my seat right now, that happens, I just need to get unstuck.  Let me finish writing.  This morning I watched a very big truck get stuck.  Then I watched it get unstuck.  With help.  I’ve been stuck before, like in Jackson, and I got unstuck.  Somehow, yesterday unstuck something too.

She drove away, and excitedly I reached for my laptop to start writing this story.

Then I heard Kent holler my name! I paused him for a moment to make a quick note of details on my pad of paper.  We talked about the night, how I had got stuck and couldn’t make it before high tide to the unregulated beach, yet he had found me again.  Telling him I would write first, then walk, as we talked a truck got stuck right in front of us.  Watching him spin for a second, I realized the truck was not stuck, yet the driver soon would be.

I hollered and waved, once returned he stopped spinning, help was coming.  I went into my car for the frisbee and then Kent and I walked over.  The driver stepped out, a young sharply dress Mexican man, with a beautiful young women as his passenger.  I think this may have been a date, maybe even out driving his girl in dad’s truck. I’m glad I had stopped his spinning as he wasn’t too deep yet.  I quickly dug out the drivers side rear wheel (making a ramp for it to walk out of, per Juan’s tips.)

About to offer the driver my frisbee – I noticed his attire and the context.  Also I know well what happens when you touch this beach. It clings to you.  Instead I said, you look like you have on your Sunday best, please let us and handed the frisbee to Kent who took it quickly to the other side.  Two ramps built, I instructed the driver to reverse slowly as Kent pushed from the front as far back as they could go without spinning.  Stopped, I asked if he had the truck in low one, he responded the truck was four wheel drive.  I said that is great, did you put it into low one.  Then looking at the gear shifter on the column, he put it in low gear.

Kent had moved, and I told him, go slowly and firmly and don’t stop.  He followed exactly back down into his own ruts with speed and instruction as I continued to shout, go, go, go, left, right, go, go, don’t hit my car and finally have a good day as he drove off waving that shouting thanks and praise out his windows.

I was stuck in Jackson, I had to take off.  I am ready to take off now, have been since eight am. Packed and loaded to go. Now, I could close this laptop turn a key and be in New Mexico by sundown for free legal camping.

Yet, when I got stuck here, I got unstuck and I learned something.  When my car got stuck, someone helped me, then Kent and I helped someone else.  Last night with my metal detector I found a penny and I found gold.  I also found shards of five pop cans, now in the garbage.

Before, I took off because I was dying. Yet, now, I feel like I am living.

Ready for take off.

Take off delayed pending….





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