I do not like moderation (and I’m thankful for it too.)

Just posted, held in que for moderation, and I’m impatient. Copy and pasted, and in the future I’ll post here first, and link their second in this situation:

Dave Bernstein agreed. I let my radio monitor automatically, then look at this website to see my real time actual reception report, before I decide to switch from FT8 over to SSB. If the computer can’t hear anything it is not worth my time. If the computer can hear something, it is worth my time to call CQ CQ CQ.

I do not know how these old timers figure out when to call CQ CQ CQ, yet it’s not to often that you do I suppose. I catch them every time I call CQ CQ CQ and I love my contacts with people that don’t know how to get more SSB DX contacts by working FT8 and being more efficient with your time.

Tonight is looking good for me on 80m.



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