Back to Skydive Tecumseh

 Jeromy  July 28, 2007  0 Comments on Back to Skydive Tecumseh

Jump #7 Getting closer and closer, and easier and easier… After a few great jumps last weekend, I just couldn’t bare to wait two more…

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Learning how to turn

 Jeromy  July 22, 2007  0 Comments on Learning how to turn

Jump #6 After a good jump Saturday night I was feeling real good about the jump Sunday morning. I was finally past the Cat C…

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Finally passed Category C !!

 Jeromy  July 21, 2007  0 Comments on Finally passed Category C !!

Jump #5 Got to get up again this weekend, was nice to get away for a while. NSC is still working out of Midwest Freefall,…

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Another new dropzone

 Jeromy  July 15, 2007  0 Comments on Another new dropzone

Jump #4 Well, this was a different one! After the jump last week at Tecumseh, I was looking forward to jumping with my regular instructors…

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Finding a new dropzone

 Jeromy  July 7, 2007  0 Comments on Finding a new dropzone

Jump #3 Had to wait two weeks for this one, then on Friday the day before I was going up, Mike at NSC calls me…

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My second skydive

 Jeromy  June 23, 2007  0 Comments on My second skydive

Jump #2 Went up again on Saturday, had a bunch of you that said you were going to come with… but as expected, no one…

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My first skydive!

 Jeromy  June 16, 2007  3 Comments on My first skydive!

Jump #1 Okay everyone; check out the new photo album to see all the jump pictures.. In a few days I’ll have all the video…

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The first story I should have told.

 Jeromy  June 16, 1994  1 Comment on The first story I should have told.

At some point, everything comes out. I hope. I used to hope the other way, that the secrets would stay forever, however that is how…

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