My check ride and my Mom’s tandem

25th jump

Finally here… last dive to get my A license. To celebrate even, my mom and my littlest sister came up to watch, and i talked my mom into doing a tandem too!

On this jump, i was a little bit nervous again, not because of the jump really, I’m comfortable with that, but i just wanted to make sure this jump went well. I’ve seen a few students go beyond the 25 required jumps to get all the stuff on their A card filled out, their hop & pops, etc.. And I really wanted to have it all done when I landed. So before we went up, me and Todd went over my A card and had to finish up a few of the category quizes, then we got ready for the load. The ride up was pretty nice, everyone knew it would be my check ride, and were really supportive, as always.

The dive was flawless. Todd got out on the rear float, and i took a diving stance and gave the count.. out.. in… go. The exit was really nice, i was about four feet away from Todd all the way down the hill. All i had to do was a 360 right, 360 left, and a backflip, then turn 90 off jump run and track back and forth, five or six seconds in each direction til pull time.

I was done with the manuevers by 9,000 feet, then starting tracking. At 7,000 feet some clouds had blown in (i swear, we didn’t see anything when we spotted 😉 ) and i went right through them for two thousand feet! When i first went into them i stopped my track and just held my position until i dropped through the bottom, then started my track again til 4500, did my wave off and pull.

The spot was a little long, but since i had the wind at my back i used my brakes to push myself a little faster forward and made it back for a perfect on-target stand up landing..

Once we got back into the packing area Todd was happy to sign-off and stamp my A card (now my official temporary license untill i get my new membership card from USPA).

And that was it! Now I’m a licensed skydiver!

Well, first I have to send $20 to the USPA…

…then i’ll be a licensed skydiver!

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