I woke up feeling good, very good. I rolled over with no alarm and dozed for a few more minutes. I had double-checked one last time before I’d gone to sleep, I had no classes. In fact, I had no appointments for the day at all. I rolled and I stretched, and eventually, I got up.

It was a great day, yet the details are already fading now. Most importantly, I received and then later responded as appropriate, to an email notifying me that my appeal had been granted. Interesting to me was the phrase used as it seemed to correlate with my previous notion of a local board choosing to accept federal aid in place of state aid at the same time the federal aid also allowed me an interest-free loan. Among much more, the operative phrase seemed to be: “it has been determined that we can allow your appeal to be granted.”

As they determined they could, they did. However, additional stipulations are now attached. From this point, I may no longer withdraw from any class, must complete each with at least a 2.0 GPA, meet with a student navigator/advisor each semester, and I may not change my major; all until I meet the standard satisfactory performance requirements. Having six classes this semester, that should be enough to both raises my percentage of completed classes to 70 (currently 54,) as well as raise my GPA to over 3.5 (currently 2.7,) by replacing two 0 gpa grades I recieved.

With the appeal granted, I should, to the best of my knowledge at this point, receive a $4750 disbursment sometime in mid-October. I have to plan out a few things, yet this should catch me up completely on my mortgage, take me out of forebearance and back on the standard monthly plan. Once that is done, there should still be enough to pay the essential room and board into the next semester. By then, I will recieve the next $4750 disbursment, which should be well going forward as I would not even have an arrearage to catch up then.

Now a key will be to properly budget and pay the bills going forward; controlling expenses and focusing on my plan. I now have a working plan through next September. Any additional gains (book sales!) can only help at this point, yet are not required. I may focus 100% on my top priority, completing all of my classes with the best grades I am capable of.

To note, later in the day I received an email from one of my Pyschology classmates. One of our five-person presenting group for the next class, to double check our meeting agenda and what he needed to do before the meeting, for our group meeting next week. Happy that I could assist him and I did; I need to be cautious that I am not trying to control or dominate my small group with the inbuilt bias of my age. Leadership is good, if practiced in a dynamically equal enviroment, such that it benefits every member of the group.

Although I can clearly envision a way that I would accomplish this task, dividing the module, forming a script to an interactive presentation that both informed and entertained the audience while highlighting the key concepts that would be brought out in detail later in the slides.

I cannot invision, in any part, the ideas that my groupmates have and are developing as week speak. I have not even read the material yet I presume I already know the best way for our group to present? Nay, rather I hope I have some good ideas that I can contribute, and if called for, I am also happy to share and act in the sum of my experiences as well. I do look forward to the meeting. My first college student group project meeting in the library? I have a feeling this will not be my last.

Otherwise, I did other things and ate food and I think I went places too.

I also sat in the chair and smoked and was glad I had no classes and did not need to walk anywhere.

While I smoked I wanted to see if I could pass government without reading the book. Apparantly, I can. I completed the next three quizes last night, and one more today- only six left to go. The quiz interface does lend easily to a trial by error approach, yet I am mostly either answering everything correctly- or, in some cases- as I will things correctly were. A few facts have been eye opening, yet so far I find the class presenting the history and content of government accurately so far.

After the six quizes, which I hope to get out of the way this weekend, I will only need to attend the once per week class each Monday and fill out the entries in the reflections workbook as directed each week. I think the weekly discussions will be invigorating, especially when I don’t have to worry about homework for class accounting for two thirds of my grade.

Then I watched TV and smoked. It was good to relax. Then I slept. In my chair.

It was good to relax. I woke up at midnight, sore. I considering typing- my writing at the end of the adventure. Yet, I didn’t have it, the adventure was already over for the night, the week, the month, the year, my life up to that point. It was time to rest, without even telling anyone else about it. At the end of all I accomplished last week, I missed my last bit of volunary writing. I didn’t die, so it’s okay.

Now, just a bonus post for today.

Time to keep going.

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