In addition to a few extra hours in my chair last night, once I went upstairs just past twelve, I quickly went back to sleep for another ten. Well, ten hours in bed, a bit of woken time at the end rolling and stretching and whatnot; glad that again, I had no class to rush off to.

The concept of my new reality as a student is slowly sinking in. With a student loan now in the works, nothing stands in my way from here through the end of the semester. As long I pass all my classes with a 2.0 GPA or more, I will be back in the good graces of “Satisfactory Academic Performance”. I’m now four weeks ahead in the government homework, however, I do have two more assignments to complete more urgently.

One I began today (it was just assigned Wednesday,) and the other I began at the beginning of the week. The first step of the assignment today was to listen to a pair of classical music pieces and answer some reflective questions about them. Listening to the first, the chorus of hallelujah, I got distracted and ended up cleaning the house for an hour or two as I first searched for and found the other song of the same name to listen to, then a playlist of top worship and praise music. I will get back to that assignment, with a bit more focus.

This is a great example of an assignment that I now see value in, that honestly, even just a few years ago I may not have. Moreover, it’s a task that would have annoyed me to the point of difficulty, putting it off further and further as I measured the points I could afford to lose in the course- waiting for the real work to begin. Ha. Answering eight vague leading questions about a peice of music? Easier than writing out your true thoughts and beliefs in a 500 word essay of some world topic- and this is a good lead up excercise to get people ready for that task.

Could I skip these steps, sure, but why? I enjoyed the first peice of music so much, I was motivated to clean for two hours. What might happen tomorrow when I listen to the next piece? I’m rather looking forward to it. I thought about doing another government quiz today, only six remaining for the semester, yet I do have another week until I have the class again, so I can pace myself a bit and still have the full semester’s worth of online work done before the second class.

I do need to complete and upload my week #1 fitness log. This week, I will log my extra miles walking around campus all week (measure once, and add as my weekly baseline,) as well as the lawn mowing Wednesday night, an hour today clean out the laundry room and moving the boxes it contained up to the spare bedroom, and tomorrow, I’ll end the week and my first log with a timed mile walk to keep work on my PR.

Next week, I’ll need to up my game. The step up in activity this week will be the new baseline and I plan to add to it. At least twice per week in the school gym. I do need to check on their locker room facilities, I had missed that in my tour earlier this week. Twice per week on weights and another solid day stretching or doing some other cardio out there. Eventually, the fact that I walk a mile or two at home will just become part of the standard again, nothing special to report.

Not a lot of excitement today, nearly none in fact, which was just fine. Nice to have some quiet time, as I feel I’m still unwinding from the week. Up and moving for most the day, the last few hours I’ve been locked in my chair. I kept thinking about cleaning out my car, it’s been on the list way too long- however, that will be tomorrow. And the music assignment, and the fitness log to end the week.

Time to rest.



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