Taxes, Assessments & Water w/ John Wilson


As many people may know, I have recently received a formal diagnosis of my brain injury. I damaged the portion that controls my “Theory of Mind“, which is the human skill to distinguish between things we think and feel from what we think other people think and feel. Some studies show this part is also activated when we attempt to create a false thought in others and in our protection of that from others.

As part of my recovery (intentionally now that I am aware of my diagnosis,) I am using my blog to keep track of my interactions to ensure that my brain is properly “sorting things out”, interesting, sometimes I find this behavior in others and I wonder if I am still projecting? What do you think?

Even if you’re not interested in the psychology of our brains or my diagnosis… You may want to read below to learn some things about how our property taxes work, street assessments and how to oppose them, and why I think we should be reasonably happy with our water bills and assessments in the City of Jackson, Michigan.



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