Ninety minutes

A great experience. Yesterday’s test was also nice, the “open” MRI is certainly better then the enclosed version. However you’re still pancaked between two giant slabs of the machine with only about two inches clearance from the tip of your nose once you’re slid up inside of it.

I could describe the contours of the paint applied to the screw. It was a Philips head, with a rounded grommet washer. The paint was a perfect match, nearly perfectly applied. Just the slightest overuse caused pooling and what would have eventually been a drip, yet this wasn’t close to that. The grommet from two thirty to five thirty positions had the larger gorge of paint accumulated, opposite from seven-thirty to nine thick spot that was a smaller bit. The larger bit was between a four to one to five to one ratio to the smaller bit.

That was the last twenty five minutes for the lumbar, where I was slid up and could see that screw. For the first hour, the space above my eyes was just a blank beige semigloss surface. I was perfectly comfortable, the tech that was assisting me created a flawless pillow pad surrounding my head and arms, a triangle foam block under my knees, and warmed blankets, I rested effortlessly.

So relaxed by the end my legs had started to go numb and she had to help me walk back across the hall to the changing room. It seems like they must do double duties, as when I first arrived she had been cleaning the changing room and told me she was the same the called for my scheduling too. That is a face and a name I’ll remember the next time I see her.

Knowing the night would go quick, I opted for a rare treat, Burger King. Fourteen bucks for a meal at the drive-through! A picnic table at Loomis park to eat then finished with a lap through using the exercise machines.

Home, some TV and some cbd, now laying down, just past quarter til eleven.

Time to rest.

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