Sixth limb

Have you ever started on a project and just seemed to spend way more time on it that you thought you would? I just looked up at the clock and it’s twelve forty four- that is four four minutes past midnight, and really I had barely even noticed the last six hours go by. Nice to know that I can still sink myself into a tech project, though I had to manufacture the immediacy of the task.

Had been on a list for while and today I migrated this website onto a new fresh server.  I couldn’t really recall the last time I had done that, it could have been years as it is seldom necessary. Well managed, without Internet access I’ve had servers run for years before needing to be rebooted for the first time, much less reinstalled. With Internet access (as are all online web servers, de facto,) it’s almost too easy to have a server run ‘forever’, if you can manage the changes and migration. One big rule there, once you start you have to finish or be prepared to roll back.

Anyway, I was able to duplicate the site to the new server, redirect the domains and wait for the transition before shutting down the old server, so all in all it was pretty seamless.  And a new chance to set up a server, installing updates, configuring the software I like to use, configuring a hardened, secure host that I know will keep on ticking for as long as I need it. Having finished this server tonight, a shiny flagship kind of server, tomorrow I get to duplicate it again to replace the backup server (I like to be fault tolerant.) Maybe few few tests after that, and I’ll have my server pool checked off the list for the next decade or so.

I suppose the secret was just sitting down and letting myself work. Just usually I can’t sit for so long, as it makes my legs (I want to say painful here, rather I’ll say uncomfortable,) so I can up with a new idea.  Let’s make it more painful, wait, more uncomfortable to stand.  It’s been weeks since I spent any significant time sitting, I can manage to stay on my feet all day now and I can’t hold still well. I’m always moving, sidesteps or just walking around, trying to build my body to get used to this.

My “interview” was bomb this morning, I should have known by their aggressive technique to court me into their investment training click funnel and afterwards I was looking to burn off some nervous energy. I thought about going for a walk, I just wasn’t in the mood to be seen, so I thought I would do stairs today.  I mean, I go up and down the stairs everyday as needed, today I took an extra nineteen trips up and right back down. Well, fifteen straight and a break, then five more, at a touch of sanity at the end to know I could stop.

Sitting in my comfy chair for the vast majority of time since the early afternoon was at least productive and at best an enjoyable use of the day.  My legs were really sore when I got up from time to time and got even better as the night went on. I had one other bright idea earlier in the day.  I was just sitting at the time with both feet on the ottoman and used them to pull it towards me (the hardwood floor lets it slide easily.) So I naturally thought “oh, that’s just like a crab walk” as my mind went to some memory when I was elementary aged in school play.

It’s also the same movement I’ve been working on for a while, strength when pulling my heel to my butt while seated (not that it’s much better standing.) Usually it’s as I lower myself to or from the floor for exercises and stretching.  Today, I thought “I bet I could crab walk into the kitchen”. Now I’ve been in the crab position, in one variety or another for several of the exercises, I just never thought of trying to walk off in the middle of them. The hard part is trying to keep my left foot on the ground, much less bearing weight. No matter how hard I try my right leg ends up cheating and tries to help.

That didn’t work today, the first few steps were the hardest as my body was almost paralyzed for a moment as my brain tried to pick up my right leg to move it forward, leaving the weight on my left.  All the delays of my brain trying to figure out how to work my legs from that angle just emphasized the true joy of the crab position- that constant body scrunch. I only made it maybe ten feet, two thirds of the way to the refrigerator.

We have definitely reached a tipping point, I realized when I moved on to a set of floor exercises ending with an amazing hip flexor stretch from my knees- a full arch backwards. Now, it hurt like bright white burning phosphorus up and down as you’d expect. Yet also it feels like the flesh is tearing from the scar tissue. I think that is a weak way to say it. Feeling my lower abdomen it’s easy for anyone to trace the path where my bar went through. Just like a piercing that has already healed, it’s left its hollow tunnel sealed off at each hip.  For me it’s easy to grab ahold of it and wiggle it around, it’s firmly mounted.

Ha, what should I call it.. maybe my sixth limb? I have good chuck of.. cartilage I think? It feels as solid as bone as it crosses over my left hip and extends internally another inch, I don’t have any muscular control of it (missed out there,) but I can wiggle it with my fingers.  Not sure, but it might fade away too with time.

Like this day, now two twenty eight am and I’m tired. In a good way. My body, my mind, all of me is tired, very evenly.

Time to rest.

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