Short and rainy.

I didn’t really mean to spend all my energy in one place and once I began typing, I had a great time reading the words that came out. The day will come (or already has) when authors will no longer be needed, your act of googling for the book you want to read, will produce a dozen ChatGPT results.  Which will be the best artificial intelligence? How will you know?

One odd thing that seems to bother me more and more now, are photoshopped images. All of them, why bother? If it’s not taken as shot, could not you just request ChatGPT come up with the image you desire? Now, I edit my pictures, adjust them a bit, and crop when needed- yet my images were captured by my eye before my sensor. My flaws might help measure the GPT confusion.

Over 200,000 words the last I counted and growing, a collection of human-produced words- is there any value in the old-fashioned biological creation process? Or only as a baseline to see your robot’s success?

It’s been a short and rainy day here. Slept in just a bit and skipped a shower this morning, breakfast and tea, then a few ideas to share about math and angels. This is not what I would consider “religious”, we’ll leave that to people with Collection Plates, rather just a glimpse of my imagination. I will not speak for your world, as mine is filled with a swirling mysterious void, overlapping truths and patterns, and deep eddy currents that wash up the debris from the bottom of my mental circular file.

It was quick to type, yet I spend as much time proofreading and hopefully, I disclaimed it well enough, as I certainly didn’t have the ability to cross-check every sentence through the CCC, not that I’d apply for an imprimatur… I also wouldn’t want to leave exposed errors of too large a magnitude (please feel free to point out any theological issues in my writing.)

Then, a bit of lunch (defined by time of day,) of a pan of cinnamon rolls, then sitting on the tall stool at the standing desk for a while and then some time on the ground with the foam roller.  This has felt like the first rainy day in a long time, overcast and dreary all day. Before long I curled up in my chair and not much longer after that, I was sleeping.

Yawn, ahh, giant wide-mouth yawns, I’ve said enough. My body hurts today, some exercises walking around home, more stretches and hanging than anything else.. a day of rest.

Time to rest.


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