I cannot wait for a single more second to shout his name from the rooftops, one friend of mine- one of a rare group of humans known to be able to send anything full throttle, called me earlier today and just gifted me $800 so that he could personally assure my book would be published. I thanked him on Facebook and commented that we would sing songs about him… so.. let’s write it.. hold on…


Now, sit down here real quick, we’re gonna make sure this story sticks.

There once was a fish, with a crooked grip, a straight long jaw, and a heart too big.

From way back in t’day, he’d watch them birds, watch them birds and see them fly away.


Jason, I sincerely wish I was a better songwriter, however, until this very moment I did not know I could write a song.

I will sing your praises.

Thank you.

Time to keep going…

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