Not how I planned the day, yet I am way past thinking that is unusual. I was up early this morning, took my pill, showered, and downstairs before eight am. Nothing pressing to do, I cleaned up first and ran a load of dishes. The sinks weren’t full and I wanted to do them before they did get full. It ended up being a full load and I was later on glad I didn’t delay the task.

I most seemed to wander aimlessly the first hour or two, with no pot and no vape, both at day one, I was having some issues focusing. It didn’t take long, maybe at the two hour mark I drove up the store to buy a vape. If anything, to distract myself from the fact that I was still going to be out of pot until I was able to sell some gear or something.

For the most part, the vape did the trick and productivity was kicking off. I’ve been thinking about a project for the last few days to increase my comfort at my standing desk, when I sit on the tall stool. I had a wheel chair pad left around from last year (and three wheelchairs still, if anyone needs one,) and had duck taped atop of my stool for ‘testing’. The pad is thick enough, yet the foam packs in quickly. However the wooden stool otherwise offers nothing.  At first, the added comfort was barely worth it.

I had left the pad square, as it had original come. Today, I took it out of its fabric sheath and trimmed it down, a circle to match the stool. With more duct tape than I first imagined (over half a roll,) I upholstered my stool. As an oversized square I would sometimes bump its corner, tilting the stool back as I went to sit. Often enough that I had to be extra slow and careful each time I went to sit. Now, if looks great, almost as if it had come that way and it feels a lot better to sit on.

Not much longer after that I was upstairs finishing business on another stool when I heard knock at the door. This is unusual, I don’t get visitors often and wasn’t expecting anyone. Hollering down “just a minute” as to not rush coming down the stairs, I was curious. It was my younger son come to see me. Welcoming him in, I was almost shocked to see how long his hair is now, long curls to his shoulders. It was so nice to sit and visit for few hours- most of the afternoon really.

His random visit affirmed two things for me. One) I like that I’ve been keeping my place clean, cleaner than years really. Having even done the load of dishes this morning, the kitchen even looked kept. Two) I’m glad I’m back in Michigan. I can’t say that I’ve had any less visitors in the last month in Jackson, than I had in the last few months (to be fair, if I recall, my new friend Mathew had visited my campsite several times in January.) So as far as the solitude, I have come to embrace it.

However, in the desert solitude, my son can’t randomly stop by every week or two. Other than catching up I also was able to give him first dibs on a piece of skydive gear I know he’s had his eye on. My open face Cookie Fuel videography helmet. He’s not quite ready to start speccing tandems yet, but he’s not far off either. Basically letting him set his own price and added in a few extra accessories too, I hope that he can enjoy it as much as I did.

I can’t say that I got much done off my list after that. With a few dollars in my pocket, I decided a small expense for some weed was okay, so I headed out to Michigan Center. The cheapest pot I’ve ever bought. One ounce of shake for thirty bucks out the door. Cheap I said, not quality. Quite literally, the bottom of the barrel. However, for less than a dollar per gram, the price can not be beat. Ended the night with steak dinner with heaping sides of potato and macaroni salad. Only my second steak in a month since I’ve been back here.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, yet I think I may try a new challenge. I wonder if I can still climb a tower? I think I can and I need to remount my horizontal antenna wire balun. Just a thirty five foot climb..


Time to rest.

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