Getting out

Eleven seventeen, time for my shortest and quickest post yet. Still exhausted after yesterdays mowing, I can almost still feel the vibrations through my lower extremities. I couldn’t stand more than an hour or two this morning and sat down well before it was time for lunch.

Afterwards a nap, planned this time as I felt the sensation of the impending loss of consciousness and pulled around my weight bench for a place to putt my feet up. Slouching down and rolling myself onto my side in the seat of my chair, my legs balanced perpendicular across the weight bench just below my knee.

A two hour nap did wonders for my mood for the moment; until I looked down and saw my vape was still empty with no plan to replace it. Smoked the last joint too. May fifteen, middle of may. As good of a day as any I suppose. Well, tomorrow be the test- a day with nothing into my mouth aside from food and drink? We’ll see. Or, I could go into the basement and grab one of eight bags full of returnables- about twenty dollars apiece.

After the nap, I had a tingling sensation in my leg where I had slept with my leg across the weight bench. Seems to feel like a bit more muscle activity in my foot. I went for a short walk to test it out. Up to the school, around and in through the narrow gate and looking for the right piece of equipment I could try to balance once. Finding none worth the risk, I returned home.

Quiet, slow, recovering. Not a bad day, yet not every day can be a down day like this and I’ve begun to push the limit on how many I had stored up.  Had a nice phone call today from an old client that I had mentioned a week or two ago. It was good to catch up with her and health and goings on of her and her family after knowing them all for so long- just shy of twenty years.

Eleven forty one, three hundred and fifty words in twenty four minutes, not sure how that compares..

Time to rest.

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