To finish, today or tomorrow?

Ending up sleeping in the car and I’m not sure why, other than I was tired enough to fall asleep before I put my bedroll out. I barely finished my post. Nine pm, that was when I wanted to post each night. Got it tonight, or close at least.

I had rolled over enough to check my watch at six thirty, then I rolled again and blink, it was almost eight am. When I pulled the blankets away and had relaxed a bit as I wiped the sleep from my eyes, I put on my shoes and was fully mobile.. in, we’ll probably twenty minutes before I put my shoes on. Really though, I could have drive barefoot, soo.. fully mobile from as soon as I was awake enough to drive.

I pulled up to a closer spot at the Walmart I’d parked at and went inside to the restrooms. No two Walmarts are identical, just very very similar sometimes. Out of all I’ve now seen, this was the smallest. Fifteen lanes total. Counting the self checkout outs too.

Breakfast at McDonald’s and I was in my way my nine or so. Now it’s just past nine pm and gps tells me I’m three hours from Cooper Street.

Time to…

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