No rush

Altogether a good day, yet I’m not feeling as well as I should. An odd feeling really. I would rather have pushed and left today, yet I also wish I had even a few more days here at lake Corpus Christi.

The morning started alright, and I did go up to the ranger station shortly after they opened, and after just s few minutes of computer snafu, I was booked for another forty eight hours.

After that, I ran into Mathis to fill up my gas tank and get some fresh bread and juice from HEB, then went back to the site to make an awesome breakfast. I almost ate it all!

Then in became a lazy morning.. and a nap was calling my name. About then (eleven am) I realized I hadn’t taken my pills.. no vyvanse productivity today.

Something the rest of the day cleaning and organizing the car. It’s quiet here now, no one in the park, except one or two.

Early dinner and early to bed, not even nine pm and I can barely keep my eyes open enough to type this.

Will likely roll out of here tomorrow.. we’ll see.

Time to rest.

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