Well, eventually I’ll get the hang of things again.  Crawl before you walk I suppose.  The walking is coming easier, less miles, yet from the Walmart walks (well, any chance to use a shopping cart anywhere) really helped me figure out the part that needed the stretching.

Now every step I take I’m using the same technique and it makes a big difference, my left foot seems to stand a little taller now.

This will be short.  Almost shorter than todays list. Yet todays list is complete.  And I figured out what was wrong with the last few lists.  Essentially, I had put everything on there, rather than just the things I needed to do next, on that day.

I did get a lot done.  The amp is out as well as that chunk of dash; and the digipeater fits in there rather nicely I think. The smart shunt arrive and is now installed.  Also ‘sorted’ the last two lists onto a new project list.. essentially, I’m all caught up.

Except I forgot it was tear down day. I am supposed to be checking out by noon tomorrow.  As soon as I get up, I’ll run up to the ranger station and get another night if I can. Else.. well, it will be a four hour pack and drive north.

Too tired, more tomorrow. Off topic (if this post had one) yet, I have been eating good- and I’m getting used to it. Kinda simple, yet it’s better than pizza rolls!  Cereal, salad, steak, and bread.. and added a bag of apples this time too. I need to start looking for new meats though.. I mean, I do love steak.  Yet, I’ve had steak for dinner for almost six weeks.  Looking for new ideas (that are just as easy to prepare.)

Time to rest.


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