A new week

Item two) move my toe.  All of them, and my ankles, my knees and my hips.  It took three weeks to think about moving my toe last year, yet what is my excuse now?  Well, it was cold for a few days.  And wet.  Did I mention it was cold and wet?

The first morning at the hollow I woke uncomfortably (as you might imagine sleeping in a small car.). Yet, I did rise in the morning, brush my teeth and wanted to go have a look about.  I walked maybe a quarter mile.  A tenth and some out, then back.  No asphalt there (yet a very nice campground, just not quite the state park asphalt loops that have been conductive to my walks.)

The solid dirt roads were slick with a top coat of moisture from the settled morning dew on top of the nights rainfall. One small slip of my step was enough to turn me around.  Didn’t make the afternoon or the evening mile that day either.  A few days of packing, moving, reloading, moving and setting up again was a great workout for my legs- and they are getting stronger.  Yet, without the long walks the muscles up the back of my legs get tight, very tight.

Realizing yesterday the muscles relaxers are doing something good and necessary for me still, I took them again today and will be back on the regular.  However, the long term solution is to get my leg stretched back out and working properly, right?  I need to focus on these miles, three a day is reasonable, ninety minutes once I get into the swing of them again.

Also back on the breakfast plate were Vyvanse and Duloxetine, those are also helping for now.  With the Vyvanse, productivity comes easy without effort, that is nice.  The Duloxetine, I don’t know, I feel well, yet I can also see I’ve felt less positive the last few days.  I never did see any side effects (that still bother me at least, and/or that couldn’t have been the result of anything else in June/July/August when I first started it.)

After that, it’s just two more for my blood pressure.  The probably helps me be calm and patient, so those too.  Ugh, tried a drug diet, yet now everything is back on the plate.  Vaped a bit less today, I don’t really care for it.  Especially now that I’ve been enjoying a tobacco pipe ago, I’m really looking forward to fresh flower in New Mexico.

Great conversations with some of the neighbors, Joe and his family are on their way out (perhaps to Mustang Island) and currently plan to be back by week end; Christine will be headed out too, two weeks at another state park, then two weeks at another.. Matthew and his wife are back.  They had ‘timed out’ in they’re last site, left for a few days, and are back- in the site right next door to me.

It was a day of rest today and I thought about my step one yesterday, then my step two today.. tomorrow I’ll add step three.  With the Vyvanse, I didn’t really think about doing any work, yet as I sat and relaxed in the car, my hands stayed busy.  The wiring in the rear is compete and am just planning a few final items (removing the original factory stereo amp, as my aftermarket speakers/head already bypass it – and I found it still draws power when the radio is on.) Then..

New Mexico.  I have to buy some water jugs too.  From here to there is nine or ten hours of not much.  The second leg of this trip will be different than the first.  Then, wounded from fresh surgery, barely walking with the boot and cane; now, getting around pretty well- as well as I stay motivated to get around. Then, drive out to escape certain death in my mind, with a time limit that could not be missed.

Now, I found my time limit again.  I do like it here. I could stay, I could find some kind of work to make campground rent.. and I’m sure that summer heat would sneak up on my slowly.  Before I knew what happened, I’d be reaching for my jacket on sixty degree day next October.  No thank you.  To comfortable, I could settle in here, yet settling in isn’t what I’m trying to do.

And making new bonds is odd, I’m at an odd time for me I think.  New Mexico should have a whole new cast.

The time limit is four days, high noon on Friday, driving west (or north then west, wherever the GPS leads!) New neighbors are old neighbors, the ones from here, move down the there, people into the park, people out of the park.  Yet, it’s still the same people.  It’s like Jackson.  I can see, yet I can’t always help.  I need to find a quieter place – maybe I need to find a place and be quieter.



New Mexico, long drive to find my quiet place again.

Time to rest.


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