A new list

Item one) go to heaven.

Someone asked me once a few years ago, in a serious kind of way, what my highest priority in life was. Depending the context that could certainly have been answered a few different ways. In fact, my answer was questioned with a further clarification of the intended original question.

They had meant (after a “yes, of course”) what was the one thing here that I wanted to achieve while I was here. What was I working on, while I was here? I remember parts of the conversation, my points being on the the time frame of the question, theirs the general topic of goals and such. It was a playful conversation.

I don’t think that I need to actually add this item to the top of the master list I create. It would seem to me at least, redundant like saying “I’m looking for an ATM machine.”, rather just an ATM. Not quite the same, this list is what I’m doing while I’m here.  An actual answer to that question posed to me after I had earned my wings.

What am I working on- well, this is where it gets hard for me to answer again. Do I say the car project (‘mustang mobile’ as I like to call it) and it’s various subtasks or do I say my health and PT, with it’s steps?  Or even the greater task of combining the two to create the necessary motivation to do either. Or did the motivation come in the writing and reading of my own site?

As for today, I made it half way through the day without any drugs. I tried to take a walk around the block yesterday and had to cut back half way. I figured from the lack of walking during the wet and cold days. Yet it was nice today and no reason not to do the catfish point trail. Starting again with a mile that didn’t kill me.  I made it just past the restrooms and Christine drove up in her truck aside me.

Just to chat it seemed and to offer me a tip as well, a local motel for forty two a night in Alice. That would be a better place for a ‘day off’ from the park here, however I won’t be staying that long to need it. We chatted a while and as she drove off my legs just felt too stiff to walk. Turning ninety left, I headed to the restrooms instead.

My legs, initially great this morning, almost nothing to stretch them out for the day, were not ready for a walk.

Eleven thirty nine, going to go quick.  I need to work of a list tomorrow, time management and all that.

Went to HEB for groceries, I have been eating well here, and that is good. Yet, I need to mind a better budget.

Power wiring almost done in dash, just have to attach everything at new fuse panels next.

Too tired, must rest.ddfsjk

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