Tent space

I purchased a small tent. I didn’t want room to put stuff in it, as I don’t want to be in it much. Today, I was in a rush to lay down. So much so, for the first time I almost forgot my journey post.

I will not be talking about sailors anymore. I’m not in the shape for it. Yesterday’s walk murdered my body today. Mostly my back and abs. I’ve identified more weak places to grow.

Skipped a walk around the park today and as warm as it was, I decided to go to Walmart for some shopping. There, I could walk holding a cart. The four items I needed where in each of the four corners of the store. And I missed one, and had to walk back to the far corner before checking out.

Absolutely starving all day too. I usually don’t eat breakfast at home unless I go out for something nice, yet the last day or two, I’m eating right out of the tent. Today I had my last steak for lunch, and had to go shopping for more. Tonight’s dinner, three better cheddar sausages, came with sides of potato and macaroni salad (thanks Walmart.)

Even now I think I could eat some more, but I’d rather starve than try to crawl out of this tent right now. For months, I’ve had to use alarms and reminders on my phone to remember to eat, not anymore. I have successfully kicked my body into a “live or die” situation, and it has chosen to live.

I’m starting to get used to this routine, waking and doing what I want. It’s kinda.. not hard, yet unnatural in some way. Letting myself be okay if I want to sit (lots of that today) or work on something, or just lay in the hammock and watch the ants do their work. (Expect some macro photos at some point.)

More work on the mobile digipeater tonight, and it think it’s just about done. With some confirmation testing tomorrow, I hope to give it a permanent install into the mustang tomorrow. Then I’ll be able to start accurately tracking the distance I cover each day. It’s fun tech, it motivates me and I can’t cheat the GPS.

I took off my Fitbit in the days during the drive to Texas. It did motivate my greatly in July through November, however I found it’s flaws. Take small easy steps. Less work, higher score for the day.. and less actual progress. Some things help and some things only help for a while, some things even start to hurt it you hold them too long (like an implanted bar for an extra thirty six weeks.)

Letting go of things that aren’t helping has given me the space to find and maximize the things that are helping me grow. Okay, enough.

Time to rest.

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