Going west

I am exhausted. Today was a better day, though I still did not get done as much as I hoped. I did however remember to take my Vyvanse, and it does make a difference.  Came up with a bit of plan today, decided that it is time for New Mexico. It’s been south, then west for a since I left Jackson. Crazy as it was with the weather that day, and I took one twenty south to US twelve west, to I sixty nine south, to…

At a certain point though, right at the end, I turned East off from South Padre Island Drive to arrive at the beach. Is that a bad thing?  Nope, I’m not some nutcase that worries about compass directions on my roadtrip.  Ha.

When I arrived back at the campground I had booked two days.  Leaving today at noon.  One to recover and clean the car, the other the repack and relax. After as much as I’d accomplished on the beach lot, I thought it would be as easy schedule. They went fast.  Could I have loaded and gone, yes, probably back to the beach (and I still might before I leave the state.) I didn’t want to go out half-cocked again, I’m rebooked until Monday.

Today, I wanted to write early.  A mental benchmark of sorts.  Compare this mornings post, to yesterday.  Which was written by a person on drugs? I haven’t even finished this post, and I know it will go in more of a straight line; well, for as much as this author ever does.

I was able to finish cleaning out the car and plotting out my plans for the new electrical wiring in the car.  I’ve been using a lot of juice in the car, with four radios, two phones, an iPad, and my laptop, and my old laptop. And soon a new, new digipeater with a pi I found and and HDMI screen and wireless keyboard for the passenger dash. Well, digipeater and also a media center using the pi to host my music and movie collection with bluetooth audio through the car radio.

Also, will need to make some hard choices with the trunk.  I really should put the lithium batteries back there. Also, I’m carrying a very large box of tools I haven’t need yet (full mechanics’ set, quarter, three eights, and half inch socket sets, imperial and metric, each with tall and short, six and twelve pointed options, plus wrenches and a few other accessories.  All in nice plastic molded box.  The same tools could fit loose in half the space.

In New Mexico I will be able to camp year long for a two hundred and forty dollar annual camping pass.  Essentially paying ten dollars a night for twenty four nights, with no daily entrance fees, and getting the whole rest of the year for free. Fourteen day limitation per booking, must leave a campground for one day and can then stay another fourteen days, over and over ago, for the same inclusive price.

It may take a while to find one with the right mix of climate and shade and trails and lot of other details, yet it will be a fun process.  Life expenses will then be down to food and gas.  Hopefully if I find the right spot, I can eliminate the gas too, at least during the fourteen day stays.  Hmm, I really just thought of it, yet a nice e-bike would be nice, or e-vehicle I’ll say.. I wonder if there is a small three-wheel bike/cart thing that I could charge for free with my solar.. and yeah, with a manual pedaling option too. Hmm, that would be an interesting grocery getter!

Staying at the site all day I expected a lot of quiet.


Kent has arrived. More conversation than the last two days; yet he is also enjoying the quiet out here.  One more guest in the loop, another woman in physical recovery, working on kicking her walker.  Few decades ahead of me, yet pushing hard uphill to the bathroom.  Most people drive to the restroom here, except her and I.

Breakfast, two large bowls of mini shredded wheat, two salad lunches an hour or so apart, a late afternoon can of pork bbq making three sandwiches, and my steak dinner.  Yet, I am still hungry and eating some cereal as I type this.  I have a feeling this will become a growing problem when my activity really starts to increase – I still need to add twenty pounds of muscle back onto my leg. I need to be eating a lot more than I am.

And walking more than I am.  Went around the park loop (just shy of a mile, did not take catfish point trail, the extra loop off the Northside) with Kent walking Charly.  He was walking ahead of me and I was able to keep up a normal pace.  I’ve still been really stiff and sore today, let I’ve also noticed I am walking better, taller. I’m starting to think the limp may be more permanent than I had hoped.

I’m not bothered by that, just starting to think about it.  Long day, three more days of work until I go west on Monday.

Time to rest.

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