24 bottles of beer on the wall…

The “beer rules” are well known in our sport.. almost so much, I’m surprised they’re not written in the SIM. However, there are a few points that seem to be commonly debated. Perhaps least importantly.. and yet the topic of this post.. the number of bottles in a “case” of beer.

Personally, I always thought this was a mute point.. though, as I see the discussion over and over again, I thought I’d put in my two cents.

  1. A case of beer has 24 bottles. Not 6, 12 or 18.
  2. If a Skydiver tells you that you owe beer, you do. Denial causes another case owed.
  3. There is a beer rule tribunal process, however it costs you more beer than it saves.
  4. Those bottles should be handed out to the 23 people you wish to celebrate with.
  5. If you owe beer due to a fuck up, accept their advice for your beer foul.
  6. A six-pack is not even close, if that’s “all they had”, you’d better buy four of them.
  7. Don’t open a beer until last load is airborne, unless you are the “beer sacrifice”.
  8. Upon landing last load, someone needs to make sure the pilot gets a beer.
  9. There is a maximum of one case of beer owed per skydive attempt.
  10. Yes, you can owe beer even if no skydive occurs.
  11. This is not the “beer rule” list, just a few clarifications.
  12. A twelve pack is NOT a case of beer.. you’re only half way there…
  13. If you don’t know what the “beer rules” are, just ask (only costs one case of beer).
  14. A true skydiver, would call a beer rule on himself and just bring a case.
  15. The local beer gnome (keeper of the beer board) gets a beer from every case.
  16. A true skydiver, probably waits until the beer gnome makes him buy beer.
  17. Beer bottles don’t pick themselves up. Do your part douchebag.
  18. Ahh.. “the 18-pack”.. nope, close but not quite.. get two of them.
  19. The “skydived again before beer rule was called” rule does not always apply.
  20. Yes, if you really don’t drink beer, you can bring a case of whatever you do drink.
  21. However, you still have to bring a case of beer for everyone else.
  22. The beer rules are a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you bring it, we will drink it.
  23. The intent of “beer rules” is simple: bring beer, share with friends and… that’s it.
  24. Yes, you’ve finally got it.  24 bottles is a case of beer. Always, no exceptions.

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