What is in a number..

I see patterns, mathematical patterns in everything, all the time, everywhere I look, constantly, all my life. I sometimes even see patterns in letters, sometimes symbols or words. Such as…. the number D-31367

3, a trinity.. could be said to mean “all”
1, one man, and/or one purpose..
3, a trinity.. could be said to mean “all”
67, one digit of perfection above being two thirds of the way to..  well, lets just say 6 feet under.

In a sentence made of words, could the number be interpreted as…

All for one, one for all, will lead away from being six feet under?

There are four types of skydivers: A, B, C, D.

The number 4 of course, is not considered a “Godly” number. Skydivers are not God.

Though this is often hard to tell, by the size of their ego.. pride can consume us all at many points in the sport, nearly each and every one of us; myself for sure!

A – the first license given (25 jumps), when they pass their basic instruction – as a sweet child in the sport – their lack of true, time tested, knowledge and experience is dangerous. We all look after each other, though they alone, are the truest Angels.

B – with a bit more training and experience (50 jumps), they get the next license; they can jump at night and into water if they wish, they can be fearless, like a Lion.

C – with a lot more experience (200 jumps), they get a license that doesn’t grant them many more personal abilities; yet lets them begin coaching, teaching, and lending assistance to the formal Coaches and Instructors… they can do good work, like an Ox.

D – the highest license (500 jumps), this is the “Do anything” license; It even allows a person to bend the rules in the interest of the greatest safety at any moment as long as we have a defensible position for our actions at all times. A person with a D license, is respected nearly the same as an Instructor and is expected to fly exceptionally well in all conditions and to have the wisdom and attentive eye of an Eagle.

Some skydivers, can’t even remember their license number. I was inspired the first moment I saw mine; I proudly say, I AM Jeromy Alexander, Skydive Instructor, D-31367.

From now until my last jump, this is the number that marks me. Hmm… perhaps…

I just think too much? Maybe it really was, just the next random number available…

What does your number mean to you?

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