Hi, I’m a father, skydiver, and web developer in Jackson, Michigan. Since my first jump on my 29th birthday, I have been hooked on freefall.  After that first jump, I spent the next three months working to get my A license, which I recieved on my 25th jump on September 15, 2007. I ended the 2007 season with 39 skydives. The 2008 season had a late start for me due to inhospitable weather, but from May til October I was able to get 97 skydives. During that season I found my home dropzone, Skydive Tecumseh. I also got my water traing, my B license, and was able to do my first night jump! I ended the 2008 season with a total of 136 skydives. 2009 started with a frozen jump on New Years Day, then a trip to a skydive tunnel, a Hot Air Balloon jump, my C license and Coach rating, a bAse jump, a Helicopter jump, and a road trip for more frozen jumps! I focused on improving my RW skills on large 8 to 16 way dives. By the end of the year I racked up 218 jumps for 354 total skydives! 2010 was a busy year.

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