Was it worth the wait?

After much anticipation and waiting for decent weather, I was finally able to get in my first few jumps of the season on Saturday! I think I was a little nervous, wondering how rusty I could have gotten on my first winter layover, but everything worked out fine.

I did three jumps; a two-way with my coach (to get my license current), a four-way (my first), and a solo jump (where i got stable on my back for the first time). I had three stand-up landings, but all were off target. My first was off by 15 yards, the next two by more than 50! I guess I’ll have to get out there and practice some more!

After five months waiting through winter, and a month waiting through spring weather. It was nice to finally get some altitude. All in all, was it worth the wait? Of course it was! Next year, I’ll try to be more patient!

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