Finally passed Category C !!

Jump #5

Got to get up again this weekend, was nice to get away for a while. NSC is still working out of Midwest Freefall, so it was another hour and a half drive through the highways of Detroit, but oh well, it.s more than worth it.

Had a nice surprise when I got there… no waiting! About 10 minutes after I got there I was manifested and set to go… worked with my two instructors for a few minutes about what had went wrong on my last dive, and what I was supposed to be doing (again) on this dive. At this point I was a little bit leery, as this would be my third attempt to pass the same level (Category C).

Got up in the plane and was a bit nervous… after all, the pull is the most important part of the jump, and last time I.d messed it up… After we jumped out (me with two instructors holding on) I got in good body shape with my arms up high and both let go of me. Same as the last jump, I had issues holding a heading, kept doing a slow turn/orbit to the left… but when pull time came (5500 feet) it went great. Good position, stable, and THREW the pilot chute! Canopy ride was another plus… getting pretty good at that (really easy)… and a good stand up landing. All in all, a successful jump, and… Finally passed Category C!

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