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Jump #7

Getting closer and closer, and easier and easier… After a few great jumps last weekend, I just couldn’t bare to wait two more weeks to jump, so I decided to sneak over to Tecumseh this afternoon for a quick jump. Honestly, I felt a lot better about the place and the instructors (at least the one I had today) today, then I did a few weeks ago.

After getting there and meeting up with my instructor, Keith, and after we reviewed all the emergency procedures, and went through the dive flow, we got manifested and started getting my equipment together… unfortunately, some clouds rolled in and they wouldn’t let me fly on the next load.. So, a bit disappointed I put away all the equipment and got a refund. Then I ended up bullshitting with everyone for a few minutes before I was going to leave, and then the jumpers came down from the load and said the clouds were moving back up, so I could jump! (Yay!)

So hurry up and get the equipment back on, pay again (lol) and get ready for the load. I thought Keith was really good at this point, as I’ve been going through a few different DZ’s he was more than happy to do the exit routine that I’ve been using, rather than force me to learn something new on a moments notice. Up in the plane I found myself in that same comfort zone I was in last jump… and for the first time, i actually noticed that it DOES get a bit colder up at altitude!

Any how, did a solo exit with one instructor (he jumped at the same time I did, but not holding onto me at all) and actually did a barrel roll out of the door! LOL, all I really noticed is that when I “arched” out of the door, all I saw was blue sky so I just stiffened up my arch real good and it came right around (stable in about 3-4 seconds). Checked heading and alt while waiting for my instructor to come around in front of me then nodded to start turns… This part went great, two 180’s, and two 360’s done by 9000 feet… i had time to do 3 more 360’s before i had to nod “no more turns” to my instructor at 6000, then just locked on and watched my alt drop to 5k.

This part was fun, right when I had to reach & pull, I hit clouds, so at the moment I pulled my chute, I couldn’t see anything but cloud all around me! Anyhow, pulled and landed… not very eventful at all… Although, right at landing I flared a bit early (20′), but I think I was just over compensating for my late flare last week.

And that was it… just an easy & comfortable solo exit from 13,500 feet above ground level, a few 180’s, a five 360’s, a pull in the clouds, and a decent PLF after a ‘stop and drop’ landing. With the in-laws here, I only have time for one jump this weekend… but hey, at least i got my fix to get me through another week!

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