The lawsuits

1) Jacskon County pension

2) lawsuits

a) Corey Kennedy (in person,) Jackson County BOC, Jackson County — intentionally disruputing myself and intentionally blockading my GoFundMe’s causing lack of funding and severe mental anguish.

b) Jackson County BOC, Jacskon County — failure to provide the insurance coverage I had paid for, not funding the self funded plan sufficiently to cover the multiple rounds of PT ordered by my physicians.

c) Lakeland Region Hospital – Surgeon who broke drill bit off in my pelvis, causeing my bolts to be applied in a non opportune location due to the broken drill be being put in the proper location.

d) Lakeland Region Hospital & the nurse in the ICU step down after my internal fixator surgery. Nurse disregarded posted instructions “3x Log Roll Only” and attemped against my will and demand to stop, to log roll me by herself. The 1 person vs the 3 person roll casued extreme pain in my pelvis/hip, which then caused continued misdiagnoses as the attending physicians then diagnosed “nerve pain” rather than looking at the proximate cause.

e) Lakeland Region Hospital for failure to completely diagnose my sistuation (missed broken ankle & pelvis non-union) and pass me along to FL Rehab Hospital (same physical location,) without updateing my charts as to the need for contineued diagnosis.

f)The attending doctor & all of the FL Rehab Hospital for piss poor transition servic as they refused to make contact with doctor/hospital in MI, refused to transfer my patient records – lied and told me they did infact give me all my records, however due to the next 8 month delay to receive my first of three removal surguries due to the lack of paperwork provided from FL to MI.

g) Henry Ford, et al. for failure to diagnose anything, for blinding giving the referals the paperwork sugested, for refusing to phyiscally diagnose me, failing to provide handicap assistance so that I might be examined, and for a general failing to provide the amount of care required.

h) *********************** – failure to diagnose hip non-union (dislocated femur from pelvis,) failure to refer for more intensive treatment as he later claimed it was unreasable for me to expect him (***************) to be able to fix dislocated bones.

i) Jackson County, Jackson County BOC, providing a hostile work enviroment as I was their employee during 2022, yet faced continual harassament for being “mooch” (quote unquote, Corey Kennedy) for using the insurance that I was paying for (at 100% full cost) to cover my medical neccities.

j) Skydive Tecumseh, Franz Gershwiler, and aka Shaggio Rodreguez (Company, owners, manager) for creating and failing to correct a hostile work place. Failure to deduct proper taxes. Failure to pay employers part of my tax obligation. Failure to provide a safe working enviroment.

k) aka Shaggio Rodreguez, for intentionally giving me faulty wind direction information, for intenionally (now I see,) “messing with me” as to perpetuate the hostile workplace from Michgan (he had come to the FL dropzone specifically to interact with me and my son) so that I would leave SDT. My injuries were directly caused by Shaggie while his intent was to “fuck with me” and to “teach me a lesson” after he insisted i should listen when the guys “voted me off the island”.

l) The guys, the full time TI staff: SDT, Kody, Dominique, Josue, Scotty. anti-trust, anti-monoply

3) If the above is not enough to create and fill a trust fund for myself, then file disability.