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Pre-writing packet.

 Jeromy  September 25, 2023  0 Comments on Pre-writing packet.

Maybe it’s just how the word sounds, you know, if you say it slowly a bunch of times. Packet. Packet. Pack et. Pac ket. Pppaaaccckkkeeettt….

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 Jeromy  September 23, 2023  1 Comment on Eggs?

If “Eggs” was on the nametag, I might have walked away. However, I like pancakes. Pancakes was on the nametape. Yesterday also, I thought Pancakes…

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 Jeromy  September 23, 2023  0 Comments on Pancake?

Homework done in the nick of time last time. Well, let’s use the work “done”, loosely. I didn’t even upload it here, as the clock…

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 Jeromy  September 22, 2023  0 Comments on Absent

Went to bed slightly late, but not too bad, just a bit behind. Killed the lights, started the ocean, and set the timer. I slept…

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Mapping server

 Jeromy  September 21, 2023  1 Comment on Mapping server

Why do I start so late? I’d like to get to bed on time tonight, though I woke feeling good, I didn’t sleep very well…

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Passing grades

 Jeromy  September 19, 2023  0 Comments on Passing grades

Oh, by time I went to sleep last night I felt like shit. Blowing my nose until the rims felt rubbed rough and red. Coughing…

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Another Monday.

 Jeromy  September 18, 2023  0 Comments on Another Monday.

Yeah, beginning of week four, I think I’m getting the hang of my new routine. Certainly gives me a good reason to stick to a…

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 Jeromy  September 18, 2023  0 Comments on Summarize

Woke up well rested. Thought about starting homework early, didn’t seem to get around to it. Shopped for new Android radio and multimedia player for…

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A bit of hispanic familia

 Jeromy  September 16, 2023  0 Comments on A bit of hispanic familia

Oh, I’m glad I already wrote earlier today- even though that seems so long ago- my quota is filled. Filled or not, my mind has…

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Good crack

 Jeromy  September 16, 2023  2 Comments on Good crack

Yes, I’ve had some good cracks and yes, I’ve also had some bad ones. With the persistence of the pain last year, the deep continual…

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