Lazy day.

How many naps is enough? Today, I’ve had three. I woke up early (after staying up late to finish my story last night,) shortly before seven. The ocean was still playing, yet I went straight downstairs to start the morning routine. By nine, I still wasn’t feeling exactly awake or even fully conscious and my leg was feeling awful, so I went back to bed. I woke up close to 11 and went back downstairs to restart the day.

I flipped on the TV as I told myself I would feel better after breakfast. However, breakfast would require milk and I wasn’t dressed yet. Also, I suppose worthy to mention, I know I’ve skipped my Vyvanse, yet I’m thinking now I’ve skipped my other ones the last day or two as well.

Rather than getting milk, I scrolled the channels on TV until I had slumped over in my chair and fallen asleep again. I can sleep in my chair, I even know a way to make it somewhat comfortable. After an hour or so I stirred myself and went into the kitchen. Still no milk, still no clean dishes. Opened the dishwasher to fill it, yet it still had a few more clean dishes in it.

There was a clean bowl so I took it out because I had cereal, then remembered I had no milk and set it down on the counter. Still not dressed I went back upstairs to do so, however upon seeing my bed I laid down for another two-hour nap.

By about five pm I woke up and the ocean was not playing. I went downstairs and started the morning routine again. Still no milk. This time, I was dressed though so I walked over to the store to buy a fresh gallon.

Back in the kitchen, I reached for the clean bowl- however, it was just a regular-sized bowl. I went to get my large metal bowl where I had left it yesterday next to the chair. Cleaned by hand, then filled and topped with fresh milk, I finally ate breakfast.

More Facebook today, and some really good communications with some people that I have not been able to speak with regularly lately. Mostly, on my post inviting them all to join my new group:

Today, was restful. Tomorrow, back to the list: Skydive, College, Income, Write, Work.

Last week was amazingly successful, especially with the insurance check due to arrive this week. First on my list will be college, time to get signed up again. I wonder what I could achieve if I was a more educated person.

Time to rest.

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