I’ve been adjusted.

Well, that was eventful. Lots of Facebook today, and two threads I posted here and here.

It’s already 11:50, I could barely sleep last night. I got upstairs just past 12, turned off the lights, started the ocean sounds, and set the timer. For the last few weeks, this has been a seamless process, lay down, go to sleep. Last night I was up until well past two.

I closed the door tightly and managed to sleep until 8:30. Pills, skipped a shower and downstairs. Reviewing everything I typed the day before for any errors that need to be corrected. The same with all of my posts here- this is transparency and my invitation for correction by you. My goal, of course, is to most rapidly improve myself, and your extra light on my imperfections is to my assistance.

I was still sitting in my chair in my shorts when I got a call from the progressive adjuster. Announcing himself, he said he thought he was in my driveway. Looking over my right shoulder, I told him he was and that if he had a minute I’d put on pants. He said he had plenty of time.

Really nice guy with a cool beard. He took a lot more photos and explained all the parts that have been included in their estimate. As to the value, I kept feeling that I needed to push to increase his perceived value of my vehicle. He asked the year and I answered with “2000, she’s a historic model now… does that increase the value?” and a smile. I was impressed that he took the time to show me where the crumple zones were in the frame, and what the first indicators would have been, had they been crumpled.

I tangent-ed into a short discussion of my own crumple zones, that mostly managed to protect my organs.

Satisfied with the estimate to repair I asked if that was the amount I would receive if I chose to repair it myself, as I pointed to my zip-tie stitches. He, nodding at the zip-tie stitches on the bumper, said he would have to run another estimate of the overall value. He then added the the actual max payout limit was 50% of value, rather than the 70% I had previously been told. More pictures and a few more minutes at the computer in his vehicle.

Seventy-eight hundred dollars. Hm, I feel good about that. I paid thirty-three hundred for it six years ago, from Pat Tyson, a little old lady from my Church. Seventeen years old then, it only had 87,000 miles on her, 134,000 now- and oh, have I taken her places. To the south, across the midwest gates, the plains of Texas, the beach on the Gulf, the desert and the mountains of New Mexico, and home to Jackson.

In three to five days, I should receive $2,997.68. Not so bad for what, a dozen or so phone calls and a few emails? That was a good list item to cross off.

I felt good. I took a drive over to Stone Depot, I had been out and had deprioritized that area of my budget, and ensured that situation would not repeat for some time. Back home, I spend most of the day as I said on Facebook, being… bold perhaps? Hopefully not overly so.

I received a brief lesson in Spanish, to which I invited an assignation to continue; I jest of course, yet dreams may be sweet.

Mostly, I continued the path that I seem to have been on, appreciating this journey. The more I try to separate the difference between my thoughts and other people’s thoughts that are in my brain and the more I try to separate the difference between my feelings and other people’s feelings that I feel I perceive in my brain, the more I need to ask clarifying questions to make sure I’m understanding some situations correctly.

I few times in my posts I felt the need to apologize as I felt I induced discomfort in others and that is not my intent. Sometimes when I ask questions, people give good answers and we both walk away happy. Other times, answers contain questions and I feel I need to ask even more questions. Then sometimes, I start to get a headache, and other people sometimes seem to get upset and stop responding to me. Or, other people are busy too and I should be more patient, that is also true.

I’ve done my best to state my goals and current limitations as the situation stands and I believe I will hold my ground. Just a Facebook group, yet one with a good name and one that I think everyone should be invited to join and feel comfortable in joining the conversation.

I think, and feel the overall responses dictate, that I should continue as I am and keep getting better every day.

The Vyvanse has affected my routines. I did not eat until past noon today, and forced myself to cook dinner (another batch of my spaghetti,) with my knowledge rather than appetite, then devoured two plates as soon as it was done. It’s now one oh one am and I’m just beginning to get tired, hoping to sleep. Tomorrow is a full day of joy and sorrow, friends in difficult times. I’ll need to find my Hawaiian shirt.

Time to rest.




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