A bump in the charts

I didn’t start as early as I should have, already 11:27; I did sit down to type an hour or two ago, yet… I was on Facebook again. Over the last month or so, I have started to use the platform quite a bit really, and now again from my Public profile. Between that, my personal profile, my page, and now my group- it feels like I have a lot going on there.

Also, it may be the new communication techniques I’m trying… I haven’t received any direct comments for or against it, yet I have most certainly been more forthcoming in sharing some of the things I write on Facebook. Here was the largest post from today that I was involved with, a quick refutation of some friends of mine; an innocent mistake on their part I think, yet one I feel I needed to correct.

Somehow, typing last night, I forgot to mention what I did with the new information I had received about the vacancy in the fifth ward. I thought about it most of the day, then reviewed the end of the council meeting on YouTube, as it was a long one and I abandoned the last hour of it. Reviewing the film, Karen Burnell had announced her resignation and reasoning and had even made a nice comment about me.

I wanted until a little later in the day when I recalled she might be best available and placed a phone call. I had thought of sending a text, yet lacking the ability to meet often in person (she was appointed during the pandemic,) we have developed our relationship mostly over the phone. She answered on the first ring or two, and it was good to hear her voice. I don’t think she had to guess the reasoning for my call, and I did not want to be duplicitous in my speech to her.

I am genuinely excited about the progression of her life, even if that is moving her away from Jackson; at the same time, I did have some questions about her decision to resign and the timing of it, in the full context of all I know about the fifth ward over the last six years. I am really glad that I called her- not only did she answer all my questions, but she also comforted me against any allegations of impropriety in the process she has taken, and personally, it is nice to now have a mental image of her ‘retirement’ from Council in Lansing.

Of course, that does not much ease my heart for the issues with representation the fifth ward has had to endure. Three representatives, two recall petitions circulated, one recall petition certified and put on the ballot, then one good election in 2021 and now we’re back to another vacancy. It’s a long-shot plan… yet, I had an idea today that I may share with the council at their next meeting, a novel solution for the fifth ward.

I slept well last nice, in bed shortly after midnight, and slept until almost nine. Pills (minus Vyvanse,) then downstairs. I got some things done, between yesterday and today I caught up two loads of laundry and finally emptied and filled the dishwasher and ran it. Sorted through a tall stack of mail, a bunch from my new State provided insurance, Medicaid. Apparently, from the paperwork my Doctor filled out for them, I only had “nerve issues”, which does not qualify four MRI’s for payment.

On the list to contact him tomorrow, perhaps if he filled out the paperwork, saying I had a TBI and syrinx in my spine, coupled with severe back pain and muscle spasms 19 months after my incident, they may be more willing to pay the bill.

Took a drive for lunch today, as I missed my Coney’s on Monday. I had stopped at the bank for cash and would usually stop at Walgreens next to load it on my Chime card. However, I decided to keep it as cash and see how long I can make it last, in comparison to using the Chime card. Two coneys, a can of mountain dew, and a bowl of some amazing chili (Erin’s new recipe,) for twelve bucks and change. I need to get some income just to cover my desired amount of coneys per week.

Still no insurance check, I’m sure the adjuster must have meant three to five ‘business’ days, which would be tomorrow. We’ll see. Really, a pretty quiet day today, tomorrow, if I’m awake just a bit early, I’ll take a Vyvanse.. I really need to get moving on the next two books before, OMG, before I start school.

With the FB post I’d made, and shared above, I had added the URL to my apology for Catholicism. The site has been a little on the slow side lately, 25 to 40 people per day, depending on how many posts get shared each day. I haven’t heard any responses from my Catholic friends and I know at least 43 of them read that page (which really makes me wonder, how many of them messaged their priests?) A nice little bump in the charts is always nice.

Tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping, no I’m not out of food (out of EBT thought, that’s another long story I haven’t been mentioning,) just had no motivation to cook tonight, at all. Like really, at all. I had a pint of Snickers ice cream and a bag of popcorn for dinner. (If there are nuts in the Snickers, it’s almost a balanced meal… dairy, protein, fiber…)

Time to rest.

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