Falling asleep

So far so good. It’s ten oh eight and I feel pretty awake still and I know it won’t last for long. I don’t want to say that the walking was too much yesterday, yet it was too much for my legs to feel okay today. Likely, that is close to the right amount, just shy of pain and needing a day or two of recovery.

Today started out pretty productive, up early and downstairs early too. I didn’t get half way through my first cup of tea before my legs started bothering me. So much for standing for hours, not today- my legs were trembling. I kept moving around, yet didn’t seem to get much done. Well, not enough to get one task done. I started on cleaning out the car- being that I’ve been here for close to a month, I don’t think I need to keep the car at the ready to drive out.

However, maybe I do.  I’ve been in Michigan for a month and what have I done? Mostly, sit in a house. Why? Does Michigan not have woods? Can I not find a place to pitch my tent for a weekend? I shouldn’t have to search far for a patch of forest that reminds me of the “woods back home”. And I’ve got the gear. Oh, I’ve got gear for months. It would be interesting to see how much I could trim it down for just a weekend trip.

Yes, I’m definitely going to look into it and see if there are any free / dispersed camping areas in southern Michigan, after a quick search revealed a bunch in the northern half of the mitten and the UP. This is the time of the year when it’s absolutely great to be inside, and likely, the drop in sunshine could account for any detriment in my mood lately. Hmm, maybe the camping challenge can’t only be found on the road. Certainly, a different challenge, so close to home.. Maybe I could just focus on the walking.

Tomorrow, more walking. I feel like I need a chart. A motivational star chart. Oh well, if it works. I’ve never been a fitness nut, yet now it feels like I have to be if I want to keep pushing farther. If I want to run, I need to walk more first. A lot more. And a gym, I think I’m ready to try machine weights again. Mostly, I need a routine (and sometime to set that pattern, like a job.) Okay, short post but really, there isn’t much to say about the day. I walked down and chatted with my neighbor Joey for a few minutes. He had seen be out at my car and called over to me.

Okay, I say I want more sleep and it’s freely available right up stairs. I just have to go get it. Ten twenty five.

Random NYC pic for image.

Time to rest.

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