Yeah, the title says it all today. I’m not even sure where to begin, yes, the morning I know. It was an amazing morning, a bit chilly and I woke up earlier than I wanted to, again. I did sleep good- very comfortable, almost perfect. The location that I selected for my tent had a very slight tilt, not enough to even notice too much walking over it, yet while sleeping it was enough to keep my rolling towards one side of my tent all night. Also, I decided (by forgetting it at first, then deciding not to go back for it) to not take a urinal to bed with me.

Well, I guess that’s a milestone of sorts. After fifteen months, I can trust the combination of my ability to hold my bladder and my ability to exit my tent in a reasonable amount of time to not need to use a urinal in bed- And that bed is on the ground, so for me, that’s a milestone. Except that usually (this is one thing I really do like about the Fitbit, I can look and see what time I woke up in the night,) I wake up at three or four and go back to sleep until seven or seven thirty. This morning I was up just past six to exit my tent, well being in the middle of nowhere, I just unzipped the tent and crawled out on my knees just as far as I needed too. Then, I was right back in the tent and I tried to go back to sleep yet it was daylight and it seems I’m on this schedule now.

Eventually I ended up on my phone replying to some Facebook messages in a Ham Radio group and then just kept scrolling. This mountain country is different when it comes to sunrise, or the same just more noticeable, like a two stage sunrise. First all the normal steps to sunrise and it becomes fully daylight all around, yet being in the shadow of a mountain, it remains cold. Maybe an hour later the sun hit the back of my tent, the side I’d been rolling away from, and it warmed twenty degrees in minutes.

A quick walk a quarter mile down the road then back to put on water. So far here in Ruidoso I have kept everything small, only the tent and bed stuffs come out of the car and so far I haven’t needed anything from the trunk or cargo bag. So tea and dinner are prepared using my smaller single burner stove. Which is nice as I can easily have it set next to me on the ground with my car door open. Several hikers came down the road as I was making tea.  Later on their way back they stopped to chat for a moment.

Okay, too tired. Couldn’t make up my mind what to say, now it’s past twelve and I’m still up and still no where with this post.  It was not a productive day. So tired the last few days. And my resting heart rate as gone up three beats per minute. I had to think about it for a while, yet I think it’s the altitude. I’ve between seven to nine thousand feet for about that long now.

Not much else. After tea went to walmart and came back to the site.  I wanted a new site to practice wrapping up camp, moving, and resetting and …. too tired, I might finish up tomoorrow… drove to new forest road, drove to cedar creek, drove back to where I started.

Saw wild horses and elks today.

Time to rest.


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